When Good is Bad and Left is Right: Mental Confusion within the Black Community

When Good is Bad and Left is Right:

Do You Have a Black Mind?

Have you forgotten that once we were brought here,

We were robbed our our name,

Robbed of our Language,

We Lost our Religion,

Our Culture,

Our God,

And many of us by the way we act,

We even lost our mind!!!!!!!

— Louis Farrakhan —

The accusation is possibly the most ridiculous charge African-Americans have ever hurled at each other. It not only fits perfectly into the vaunted “Willie Lynch” letter but also carries the same venom that drips from historic intra-racial divides regarding skin color (light-skinned vs. dark-skinned) and hair texture/length (good hair vs. bad hair). Unfortunately, the alluded to accusation is a criticism that rages like wildfire among African-Americans regardless of age.

The accusation is that academically achieving African-Americans are somehow ‘acting white’. It would be simple to dismiss this matter by exposing its blatant stupidity. However, such is not the most powerful means of addressing this divisive charge. This piece takes a different approach; one that puts the legion of asinine people who allow their children to buy into such foolishness under examination. Although one would think that those who charge academically achieving and cultured African-Americans with ‘acting white’ would have a monopoly upon being ‘Black’, the truth is that they have a mastery upon nothing other than niggardly behavior and ridiculous thought. What they are implying with the assertion of ‘acting white’ is that only whites read, develop their mind, or are concerned with anything beyond material items: Air Jordan Sneakers, Gucci Clothes, Burberry, Prada, Michael Kors Bags, Booty Implants, DSL, Play Station 4, etc. To the shock of those who intertwine their self-worth with meaningless items that keep adding up to nothing, it is they, and the children they sire, who “feel some kind of way” when we neither admire nor notice their overpriced gaudy attire.

My feelings regarding such individuals is summed up by X-Clan’s Grand Verbalizer Funkin Lesson Brother J when he admonished many of our people for “Always trying to obtain with no attempt to achieve.”

I believe that it is long overdue for sane African-Americans to issue the following query to Negroes who criticize those within our community for academic achievement and professional success; Do you have a Black mind?

Although the question of having a ‘Black mind’ may be unsettling, in actuality it needs to be addressed. One result of Negroes actions, language, beliefs, and questionable moral code, is that ‘Blackness’ has become a synonym for ignorance, criminality, displays of outlandish behavior, immorality, and betrayal. Unbeknownst to those who have accepted this lie, their behavior is the antithesis of how our ancestors have thought, acted, and lived for centuries.

So, “what does it mean to have a ‘Black mind’”. Although it seems nearly impossible to pin such a concept down, the reality is that a definition is not elusive. Those persons who have a ‘Black Mind’ tend to agree upon several things:

  • African-Americans are not cursed to live lesser lives by God.
  • African-American children are capable of learning as well as other races of children.
  • African-Americans have historically been a morally grounded people who worked for the collective good of the entire Race.
  • African-Americans do not air their dirty laundry for the world to see verbally, in dress, or by actions.
  • African-Americans are willing to help one another if they display that they are prepared to receive the help.
  • African-Americans acknowledge one another by saying “Hello” or a head nod; there has never been a moment in time where we have failed to acknowledge one another.
  • African-Americans guiding principle is excellence in business, academics, and athletically; anything other than that is not acceptable.
  • African-Americans recognize that the pursuit of money is the root of all evil and we must never allow others to instruct us to act a fool in exchange for a few tokens and trinkets.
  • Black is beautiful.

I must state that this blog entry was not constructed to constrain thoughts, actions, and/or behaviors, rather to highlight the error of your ways to those of you who erroneously believe that foul language, public indecency, poverty (mentally, socially, politically, and intellectually), are signs of ‘Blackness’. The pervasive belief that the foolishness on reality shows and media outlets from Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta through World Star Hip-Hop are in any way, shape, form or fashion a representation of African-American life is quite possibly the single-greatest sign that we are not dealing with an individual with a ‘Black mind’, rather one that is, according to Malcolm X, “Out of his entire mind”.

7 thoughts on “When Good is Bad and Left is Right: Mental Confusion within the Black Community”

  1. Excellent article but there are a couple of points I’d like to make. The purpose of the American education system is absolutely to make people “act white”. it’s designed to make people, not just blacks, accept, admire, champion, and worship European political, economic and cultural norms. Case in point, president Obama is a highly educated and intelligent man, yet he uses his position to expand Africom, drone strike his father’s homeland, and claim the right to exterminate anyone, any where in the world, without due process. This is “acting white” or more specifically “acting white supremacist”.

    As you’ve alluded to in other of your articles I’ve read. Our kids are not being taught about themselves in school (K-12 or Higher Ed). They are being fed lies and half-truths. They recognize this even if they don’t have the words to articulate it. Formal education is not a positive for us in this society. Knowledge and wisdom is. Education can be part of gaining knowledge and wisdom but it is not the totality.

    When young people are exposed to truth and how it affects their everyday lives they tend to become thirsty for more.

    1. Brother Crosby,

      Let me first say thank you for participating on the site. It is much appreciated. I agree with the bulk of your points, however, I am wondering if being given the truth spurs our children toward more and more truth. Or have they been “dumbed down” and “turned off” by the entire educational process. Unfortunately, I am seeing droves of our children existing in a space where they have no interest in anything other than the mindless pursuit of things.

      1. I’ve read articles that imply that black male children tend to “opt out” of education around the fourth grade. If you’re getting them at the college level it may well be too late. The key of course is to catch them when they are young and instill a love of learning in them. I also would like to mention that American students in general tend to suffer from this same malaise. Higher education is now job training. We don’t teach kids how to think critically. It doesn’t suit our consumer based culture. No student wants to waste and extra $1000 just to explore something new. They want tangible results, they want jobs, they want to pay off their debt. I can hardly blame them.

        1. I understand your point regarding the students desiring something tangible, however, “man can not live by eating bread alone.” There is something to be said for the edifying effect that flows from knowledge, intelligence, and activism. Our kids are becoming drones that are programmed to do jobs as if it is the only possibility.

  2. I believe that there is a mental confusion amongst the black community, but instead of black people coming together to identity the mental flaw in our community. They rather go and give names and categories to the situation such as; being called an Oreo just because you want to excel higher in education. Not knowing that such ridiculous accusations can damaged and ruin your mindset of your own people. The question I feel to ask is, why as black people do we feel inferior of another or is that in our mindset?

  3. That was an interesting way to classify someone as to having a “black mind”. Although I agree that some of those points are valid, I disagree with one particular quality, which is the one about African Americas wanting to help out one another if they display they they’re prepared to receive help. I feel as though most African Americans won’t ask for help, even if needed or they feel like they are ready for help, their pride won’t let most people speak up. Also, those who are capable of offering help are “stingy” when it comes to helping others in need.

    1. Hello Morgan,

      As I am sure you imagine, I disagree that “those who are capable of offering help are “stingy” when it come to helping others in need.” I have found that there are many African-Americans who are more than willing to aid their less fortunate brethren, however, they do want you to come with a logical plan regarding the use of said funds. Thank you for your comment. What do you think of the philanthropic efforts of notable African-Americans such as Oprah Winfrey?

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