The Correct Handling of a Revolution

The Black masses are handling the resistance incorrectly. When the brothers…amassed the people in the streets, threw bricks and Molotov cocktails to destroy property and create disruption, they were herded into a small area by the Gestapo police and immediately contained by the brutal violence of the oppressor’s storm troops. Although this manner of resistance is sporadic, short-lived, and costly, it has been transmitted across the country to all the ghettos of the Black nation…Huey and Bobby

When the people learn that it is no longer advantageous for them to resist by going into the streets in large numbers, and when they see the advantage in the activities of the guerrilla warfare method, they will quickly follow this example…When the vanguard group destroys the machinery of the oppressor by dealing with him in small groups of three and four, and then escapes the might of the oppressor, the masses will be impressed and more likely to adhere to this correct strategy. When the masses hear that a Gestapo policeman has been executed while sipping coffee at a counter, and the revolutionary executioners fled without being traced, the masses will see the validity of this kind of resistance.

It is…important…to show the people how to stage a revolution.
There are three ways one can learn: through study, observation, and experience. Since the Black community is composed basically of activists, observation of or participation in activity are the principle ways the community learns. To learn by studying is good, but to learn by experience is better…Without this knowledge of the Black community a Black revolution in racist America is impossible.

HueyThe main function of the party is to awaken the people and teach them the strategic method of resisting a power structure which is prepared not only to combat with massive brutality the people’s resistance but to annihilate totally the Black population. If it is learned by the power structure that Black people have “X” number of guns in their possession, that information will not stimulate the power structure to prepare itself with guns; it is already prepared.
The end result of this revolutionary education will be positive for Black people in their resistance, and negative for the power structure in its oppression because the party always exemplifies revolutionary defiance.

Many would-be revolutionaries work under the fallacious notion that the vanguard party should be a secret organization…These so-called revolutionaries want the people to say what they themselves are afraid to say, to do what they themselves are afraid to do. That kind of revolutionary is a coward and a hypocrite. A true revolutionary realizes that if he is sincere death is imminent…Without this realization it is pointless to proceed as a revolutionary.Eldridge

Millions and millions of oppressed people…will learn of its activities and its proper strategy for liberation through an indirect acquaintance provided by the mass media. But it is not enough to rely on the media of the power structure; it is of prime importance that (we develop our) own communications organ, such as a newspaper, and at the same time provide strategic revolutionary art, and destruction of the oppressor’s machinery.

It is believed by some hypocrites that when the people are taught…to prepare for resistance, this only brings ‘the man’ down on them with increasing violence and brutality; but the fact is that when the man becomes more oppressive he only heightens the revolutionary fervor. So if things get worse for oppressed people they will feel the need for revolution and resistance. The people make revolution; the oppressors, by their brutal actions, cause resistance by the people…

By their rebellions in the Black communities across the country the people have proved that they will not tolerate any more oppression by the racist dog police. They are looking now for guidance to extend and strengthen their resistance struggle.Assata

Huey P. Newton (Black Panther Party)


6 thoughts on “The Correct Handling of a Revolution”

  1. I agree with much of this, but our problem first and foremost as a people is we are still too dependent upon our enemy to provide for us and our families. We’ve got to own and control our economies in black dominated communities, and we must own and control resources.

    And we must also redirect that 1 trillion in purchasing dollars back into black businesses and black dominated communities. Strengthening our socioeconomic capabilities, in and of itself would significantly reduce the oppressor’s stranglehold on the black community as a whole.

    1. Prophet, I agree with you 100 & 10%. All of our energies should be focused on building black dominated communities. Dr. Claude Anderson: “Make It Black” lecture is to be heard and shared.

      1. There was a black wall street, what make you think blacks will out econ the state with no resistance! The panthers couldn’t even serve pancakes without being repressed .this is the nature of fascism . We have to seize the actual means of production not dollars .and this will not happen without a fight .literally !!!!!

    2. You can not obtain economic power without armed struggle nor can you maintain it with out a military first .what weapons and econ the state has can be taken.everybody wants to talk about building institutions but no one wants to do the killing that is necessary to do so.if blacks build institutions they will still exist in a capitalist Amerikkk .and will ultimately still be reliant on the state. We must destroy in order to rebuild! But Huey is talking about protest v.s. armed asymmetrical warfare in this article from 67 black panther newspaper hit the books not what you wanna read but what we need to read!

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