The Terrible Transformation

The issue of Race in America remains the most divisive issue Western Civilization has ever known. The “color line” that W.E.B. Du Bois called the problem of the twentieth-century in his magnum opus The Souls of Black Folk continues to dog this nation to this very moment. As evidenced by the repeated murders of Black men by white officers and the subsequent protests/riots/rebellions that we see occurring in many American cities.

Most wonder why Race remains such a pernicious issue for this nation in particular. It is my fervent belief that the reason lies in this nation’s inability, or better yet failure, to address the roots of American racial discord; the issue of American chattel slavery.

The issue of chattel slavery is a peculiar issue in the minds of both Black and white citizens as they all acknowledge its existence, however, there is most certainly no consensus to be discovered on either side of the racial divide. The villain in such discord is undoubtedly the lack of knowledge regarding the issue. As a nation we have for too long looked at historical issues through a contemporary lens; such is the formula for disaster.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III


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