The Sound of Music

The gift of music is one of the many cultural gifts that African-Americans have given this nation. Regardless of the genre of music under examination, even a cursory examination will reveal that persons of African descent had a hand in its creation and Black-Children-Chain-Gang-1900sdevelopment as a staple of the American musical lexicon. The alluded to music has multiple utilities as indicated by this musical offering right here.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III (23)


One thought on “The Sound of Music”

  1. I agree! African Americans have contributed a lot when it comes to music. It’s amazing how music have changed so much over time and how the voices have changed. I love music from like the 1920’s -1990’s. I feel like music had more soul to it then. Don’t get me wrong I also enjoy the music now but I prefer to listen to music before my time as an older person would say lol.

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