Brother Malcolm: Make It Plain

One of the most polarizing figures in African-American history is undoubtedly Malcolm X. The Black Nationalist Titan has served for many, particularly African-American Christians, as the boogie man that they are to avoid at all costs. Unfortunately, the majority of them are unable to articulate why they are so afraid of a brother malcolm-x-23who gave his very life working for their liberation and salvation. A matter that becomes hilariously ridiculous when they are pressed to articulate why they have such disdain regarding Brother Malcolm.  When their commentary is taken in its entirety, it becomes clear that they do not have an actual reason for harboring what can be best termed a juvenile bias against Malcolm. In fact, one is left with the perspective that those who are passing such harsh judgment against the former Nation of Islam spokesperson know very little about Malcolm X the man. The attached documentary Make It Plain will hopefully go a long ways toward addressing many of the misconceptions regarding arguably the most significant African-American of the twentieth-century.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III


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