Doing Your Part, I Did Mine: A Message to Black Collegians to Vote

Do Your Part:
With midterm elections looming, this is the moment when droves of people stress, beg, and plead for you to vote for their candidate. A few weeks ago a political group came to the university which I attend, Prairie View A&M University, tFerguson 2o register and encourage the student body to exercise our constitutional rights and vote in the upcoming election. While the woman was speaking to the crowd, one fellow student muttered under his breath “give me one good reason I should vote.” This is my attempt to address that particular student, and others who have that same query.
I believe we should vote because we have an obligation to our ancestors who fought for us to have these rights.  During Jim Crow our great grand parents and grandparents faced unspeakable lynch6adversity and prejudice. We have all seen the images of the civil rights movement: water hoses, dogs, and night sticks were tools used to keep black people in their “place.” They fought and suffered for their right to vote and be active in the political process. But they did not just suffer for themselves. They suffered for future generations of African-Americans.
 In the last five decades, since the Voting Rights Act of 1965, there have been significant changes to the American landscape.  For example, an African American man is the most powerful man on Black-Children-Chain-Gang-1900searth. Recently, I exercised my rights and went to early vote. As I got out of my vehicle and walked up to the polling place I could feel the connection I have with my grandmother and grandfather who fought so vigorously so I could enjoy all of the rights and privileges  that I have today.  I exercised my right and fulfilled my obligations. On Tuesday November 4th, will you?
Alexander Goodwin


17 thoughts on “Doing Your Part, I Did Mine: A Message to Black Collegians to Vote”

  1. In the 1960’s they did march for jobs. But in 2014 EVERYONE is having trouble finding a job. Not just African Americans. As far as the economy is concerned i strongly encourage you to click the links below to show you that i have not come up with my information out of thin air . . As it concerns voter suppression, those laws are simply ATTEMPTS to discourage democrats,specifically minorities blacks from voting. By taking away the number of polling places, restricting the amount of days that are available for early voting, and passing photo id laws, they simply make the process harder to cast your ballot. Our right to vote has not been eliminated. We need to wait in those long lines, and vote so we can get legislation that disallows laws that threaten our freedoms,so it is illegal to raise rent rates to unreasonable levels so that the residents of the area cant pay and are forced out. It is up to us to quit griping and complaining about the inequities of this country when we sit on the sidelines and do little to nothing to try to change them. The ONLY way to change things in this country is to be active in the political process.

  2. They did march for jobs and justice in the 60’s. But ALL Americans are having some issues finding work. Not just us. As far as the economy is concerned I strongly
    encourage you to click the links below so you can see for yourself that I am not coming up with this information out of thin air .The numbers show that the economy is stabilizing and trending upward and unemployment is lowering steadily. steadily . As it concerns voter restriction it is simply an ATTEMPT to suppress the African American vote. By taking away the number of days that are available to early vote and limiting the number of polling places and passing voter id laws all that does is make the process of casting your ballot harder. it does not mean we cannot vote. It is up to us to not play the victim and sit here and gripe and moan about voter suppression when it does not actually eliminate our vote. Maybe if we actually persevered, not get discouraged and we wait in those long lines at the polls we can get some legislation passed that makes it illegal to raise rent rates to unreasonable levels so it causes people not be able to afford living in that particular area, so we can actually get some justice and maintain our freedoms and not just sit on the sidelines and complain about the inequities in this country. If we just sit around and complain about the issues it solves nothing. The only way to change things is to be active in the political process.

    1. Brother you never answered my questions what have we gotten from voting? What have we gotten from president Obama? Black people do vote that’s clear, but the process has left us void. I challenge you to a structured debate on this topic we can have it on the radio Dr Jones can be the moderator do you accept the challenge?

      1. Why? So we can continue to go in circles. That would be a futile exercise . I’m going to answer this and I’m done. By voting for Obama we have gotten passed legislation such as the affordable health care act, the jobs act, the fair sentencing act and other legislation which makes life better for ALL Americans. Obama is America’s president not just black peoples president or white peoples president, or Hispanics president, he does and passes legislation and laws for all of us . He can’t make a laws specifically for us. The reason the system has left us void in some areas is because we have issues with certain things but we refuse to petition and raise our specific issues to our local legislatures and congress representatives and go through the other proper channels and avenues to change them.

        1. Because we both represent a thought in our community we embody certain principles your more like a Dr Martin Luther King Jr type and I am a more Malcolm X type. We are back in the same spot as our elders in the 50’s and 60’s so our people must make a decision about the future of our people! So I ask you don’t punk out now, be the man you were when you wrote this article stand behind the ideas that made you write this article! I am prepare to defend my position and totally destroy yours ( I will attack your position but not your person we are Brothers we just have a disagreement on the direction of our people ) So please don’t cut and run, Meet me on the Battlefield of Truth! We will sit and make the rules together….this will be a great opportunity for you to demonstrate the correctness of your Ideas! Truth has come to you~

          1. At this point y’all need to agree to disagree. Because too much time and energy is being used here when we could be actually out making some change for our people. you each made your points. Brother Maurice why do you need a debate to destroy his opinion, if you could have destroyed it you would have done it already. you never stated what your ideas are that will foster change among our people.

            1. Bro Jordan the internet allows people to be what we call internet intellectuals where you can hide behind a keyboard. Our people are suffering and this conversation needs to be had and put before our people to make a choice and this time a correct choice. I can write all day long, but I do prefer verbal conversation. I stated that I would destroy his position, to let him understand I will not be attacking his person, just his faulty position. Matter fact Brother if you would like to join him I would take on both of y’all against me! If you have the courage to step up to the plate. But just as our Bro Alexander ran when it came to being real! We are taught to cast Truth at Falsehood till we knock out it’s brains! It’s on record that y’all have been challenged, and it’s on record y’all’s response! Be the man y’all were when you wrote your response step up to the plate and answer the call otherwise go back into your hole for the freedom of our people can’t be won by cowards! Truth has come to you~

              1. Brother Maurice answer this question right here or don’t even bother responding back. What other REASONABLE and REALISTIC alternatives are there other than the current system in place? You say you will attack brother Alexander’s so-called faulty position but you attempted to and he has invalidated every point you tried to make. Only someone who has lost an argument wants to continue to argue , and the fact that you as a grown man has resorted to juvenile name-calling further proves that point. If your solution is actually reasonable I will respond back

                1. Bro Jordan I already gave you the reason why we should have the debate. You can google me and you will find all of my ideas about how we handle this situation. Matter of fact I will be doing a video today and I will address this in there, but please do check it out. Bro Jordan I have to say you are lying he has not invalidated every point I made because the reality is We Don’t have Freedom, Justice nor Equality! The mere fact we are having this conversation proves there is a problem and continuing down the same road is not the answer! Step up or Shut up….Truth has come to you~

              2. I’ve been watching this for a week and it is crystal clear that you Maurice have no real viable solution. I agree with Alexander wholeheartedly. I do not know this young brother personally but i am sure he has other things to do rather that reiterate the same points to you again. if he was a coward he would have never responded to you in the first place. he answered every question you posed to him. take your loss and move on.

  3. You gave us no real answer to why should we vote. What have we gotten from voting? You spoke of President Obama, what have we gotten from him? Please don’t use our Ancestors as a reason to be lied to, as a reason to be tricked. We need substance not symbols! Give us a better reason to be stupid sheep

    1. My question to you is what have we gotten from NOT voting. We have stand your ground laws and other laws that threaten our safety and liberty because certain people refuse to exercise their rights. Obama has lowered unemployment and has the economy in good standing. How is exercising our rights that were guaranteed to us in the constitution equate to being tricked.

      1. Bro Alexander have not you learned you don’t answer a question with a question good Brother? We have not gotten freedom, we have not gotten equality and we damn sure have not gotten Justice! They did a march for jobs and justice in the 60’s and we still have the same cry today, 2014 we still need jobs and justice. We are getting kicked out of the communities we live in so white people can move in. How can you say the economy is in good standing have you looked at the numbers lately? Since Dear Brother we don’t have freedom, justice nor equality that the constitution says we should have then we surely have been tricked, bamboozled see new voter restriction laws popping up all over this country….but we have the right to vote and it’s being taken away from us everyday and for what? Where is Liberty for the Black Man and Woman? Not here……Truth has come to you

        1. All I have to say is wow! Alexander sometimes when you have proven your point and backed it up with facts it is best not to continue a conversation. You have answered all of his questions, but yet he has not answered yours. The fact of the matter is if you want equality then vote. If your voice is not being heard that’s on you for not voting. The biggest problem with your community is complacency. We want everyone to fix our problems, but yet we don’t want to take responsibility for them. The president can only do so much with what he is given. If you do not vote in your local and state government then he does not have the people that he needs in the House or the Senate to get things done. So if you as an American citizen are really concerned about equality and the way the country is run then vote. Complaining about something and saying how unequal it is does nothing. It’s time that we take responsibility for actions or lack there of. Our African-American leaders can only do so much with what they’re given. If you as an African American citizen don’t hold yourself and the others around you to a higher standard than we will never get anywhere. I applaud you Alex for doing something different, and being a positive young African-American male voice in America.

          1. Sis Misha you can get this work too! You Alexander Jordan against me in this debate……Don’t run from it run to it… The people would love to hear this debate….don’t be just wishful little people….if y’all are so right it will be easy to prove….the thing is common sense says you know damn well y’all are lying the reality is not the crap y’all are saying…..Meet me on the battlefield of truth otherwise shut up …….Truth has come to you~

            1. First Mr. Maurice why are you getting so worked up? If it is a friendly debate then that’s what it is. There is no need for all this hostility and no need to use ugly language. The fact that you have resorted to name calling and ugly language proves the point that you don’t have a leg to stand on. Which is child like tactics I might add. Bring the facts to the discussion point blank. Why would anyone want to debate with you when you have not brought any facts to the table? Why don’t you take your own advise?

              I’ll tell you what the problem is and then I’m done. It’s my belief that you like the sound of your own voice. So regardless of what anyone says and any facts that anyone brings to you. You are just going to talk to be talking. It is also my belief that when a person likes the sound of their own voice just allow them to talk. They will than prove that they’re not worth the time or effort.

              Alexander once again thanks for the articile and the level of professionalism that you have shown. Maybe if there were more level headed African Americans or Americans period we could get more things done in this country. I look forward to your next article.

              1. Misha My Sister with all due respect, The points that all 3 of y’all have failed to address is we are still singing We shall overcome. We have not gotten Freedom yet, nor have we gotten Equality or Justice and I have said this for at least 5 times now and y’all keep ignoring it, like I haven’t said anything. Now I’m not being aggressive with y’all nor mean spirited. This is a friendly respectful debate. In a well controlled environment that will protect the integrity of the debate. Now some of you or all of you are college educated and if you can’t handle me……how can you handle the enemy? I’m sorry y’all consider him your friend. I am surprised at the weakness I see coming from educated or soon to be educated class of our people. Truthfully speaking it sickness me to my soul to see such weak hearted black people coming out of so called places of higher learning looking for the next gig from the enemy instead of seeking to build a new reality for our people…..Truth has come to you~

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