The Grand Jury Has Spoken: Dr. King and Huey P. Newton Respond

Negroes of America had taken the President, the press and the pulpit at their word when MLKthey spoke in broad terms of freedom and justice . . . The word was broken, and the free-running expectations of the Negro crashed into the stone walls of white resistance.

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Southern Christian Leadership Conference)


The Black leaders have led the community to believe that brutality and force could be ended by subjecting the people to this very force of self-sacrificing demonstrations. The Black people realize brutality and force can Hueyonly be inflicted if there is submission. The community has not responded in the past or in the present to the absurd, erroneous and deceitful tactics of so-called legitimate Black leaders. The community realizes that force and brutality can only be eliminated by counterforce through self-defense.

Huey P. Newton (Black Panther Party)


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