Are We Having the Wrong Conversation?: The Truth about Police Brutality in America (Part I)

The recent deaths of Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner, all African-American males, by white law enforcement officers has been exploited by traditional and electronic media outlets in an unabashed campaign to convince legions that the aforementioned deaths were racially motivated and by trayvonextension police brutality is a racial matter. Many have taken this opportunity to foolishly assert that it is open season on African Americans. I respectfully disagree with their perspective and emphatically state that it is open season on ALL Americans.

My assertion rests upon plenty of evidence.

*          In Mobile, Alabama, Trevis Austin, an African American cop fatally shot and killed Garret Collar, an unarmed teenage white civilian. Collar, under the influence of apolice 6 hallucinogenic drug, did not assault Officer Austin, who had other means of subduing the teenaged Collar at his disposal. He chose to unjustly use deadly force.

*          In New York City, an 84 year old Asian man Kang Chun Wong, was viciously assaulted by NYPD for jaywalking. Wong who speaks little to no English at all, was police 2asked by Asian American Officer Jeffrey Loo who stopped him for this petty offense. Loo asked Wong for his ID.  As Officer Loo walked away to process his ID, Wong not understanding what was happening, followed after him. That’s when Wong was thrown against a wall and subsequently thrown to the ground and brutalized by numerous officers, leaving him with a bloodied head and permanent memory loss.

*          In Los Angeles, three Hispanic cops fatally shot and killed Brian Newt Beaird, an unarmed war veteran with a history of psychiatric issues, the result of a prior brain surgery. Beaird was shot fifteen times while fleeing toward his vehicle.

Unfortunately for all Americans, I could continue citing occurrences of police misconduct toward victims of all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds.

There is no doubt that police brutality occurs in every American community. This issue is police 7endemic to America; and dare we say, ‘as American as Apple Pie.’ So it behooves all Americans to demand one thing: increased training for police cadets and veteran officers. Such training is critical to the lives of all Americans as officers have the power to determine life or death at a moments notice.

Americans must demand more from those who are supposed to keep us safe. Particularly when one considers that officers are civil servants employed by the very citizenry that they are terrorizing and brutalizing. Put simply, they are our employees and we should determine what their training entails; obviously, existing training manuals are failing miserably.

I think that it would be a good start if we demanded that all officers adhered to the following demands.

*          Each officer must wear a body camera.

*          Officers should be forced to live in the areas that they patrol.

*          Officers should answer to a empowered civilian review board.

Just as the founding fathers demanded an end to British exploitation, American citizens must rally, regardless of race/ethnicity/gender, and demand that officer misconduct cease immediately. Failure to do such just may serve as the catalyst to another American Revolution and the renewing of the democratic principles that this nation has yet to live up to.

Alexander Goodwin


2 thoughts on “Are We Having the Wrong Conversation?: The Truth about Police Brutality in America (Part I)”

  1. I am only writing this not for you to respond. But so that the readers coming through will know that someone said something. For anybody to say the killing of our people by the many white american law enforcement officers are not doing this because we are black…is simply a liar! Yes a few whites have been killed and a few others have been beat and some officers have been dealt with in those cases. The vast majority is Black and none of the dead have been given justice! The Red, White and Blue niggers really make me sick… Truth has come to you~

    1. During the 1800’s through the 1960’s blacks we’d killed simply for that reason.But now its not about that.the black cop I mentioned in this story wasn’t charged.the Hispanic cops were not charged.the asian cop was not charged.statistics show that cops who kill civilians regardless of nationality are not prosecuted for wrongly killing civilians regardless of the color of the victim.we as the black community spend so much time talking about white privilige, but in reality these officers have cop privilige.its not all about black and white

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