3 thoughts on “Black Cop Murdered by White Officers”

  1. They asked do racist have anything to do with it as if that is not a rhetorical question. Of course racist have everything to do with him being shot and killed. The officer shot at him 6 times but hit him 3 like why are you shooting at him so many times and how you don’t know your coworkers especially the ones that are a different race. For all we know those 2 particular cops had something against him and set him up that night that’s why they are lying about what happened. Whoever the guy was at the end of the video really pissed me off saying unfortunately he didn’t follow protocol and it caused him his life. That was way out of line and he should be fired for even making that comment.

  2. How appalling that they would take the word of the criminal car breaker that the officer identified himself. This was racially based murder.

  3. Notice the former Mayor said ” We will find out what happen” then he left it like that. So of course the officer will not be charged with anything wrong. This was not a friendly fire accident, friendly fire is weapon fire coming from one’s own side, especially fire that causes accidental injury or death to one’s own forces. They saw him as the enemy not worthy of protection. Friendly fire is when you both are shooting at the enemy and you shot by accident your comrade. Notice how they blame him for getting killed! Total Bullshit….Black Police better understand the truth and come out on the side of Truth….Truth has come to you~

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