The Call


As you well know, a coalition of the UAC and Manhood, Race and Culture, in conjunction with Sign of the Times Radio have placed a call for the conscious brothers in our midst to start another initiative that is aimed at uplifting our people. Toward that end, we have decided to begin a Friday Night discussion (6:00 – 8:00 PM) on Sign of the Times Radio {917-889-8059}.

If you are receiving this notification, rest assured that you are one of the very few to have been chosen and invited into the conversation. A conversation that is aimed at investigating, addressing, and issuing concrete realistic solutions to the myriad, often interlocking, maladies affecting our people. Considering that this group has only invited a select few individuals into the fold, it has a purpose that goes far beyond mere rhetoric or dogmatic thought. Put simply, this is not a venue for sophomoric oratorical diatribes advancing your particular religious/spiritual belief set nor is it intended to be a venue for you to sound off regarding your disappointments regarding the Black community or African-American males, females, or children in general. This is a privileged opportunity to build a unique brotherhood among your brothers.

If you choose to join this conversation please come with strength and honor as your moral compass, an open mind that has a foundation of love, and the ability to listen to hear, not merely to respond as we all have something to offer to this vibrant conversation that should always be aimed at the brothers finding a way to work it out.

As mentioned above, this is a rare opportunity that is being issued to you on the strength of who you have shown yourself to be to your comrades. And you should feel comfortable enough with the group to extend an invitation to others, however, be aware that they are coming in your name and therefore carrying your reputation. Put simply, you are vouching for them to enter into this brotherhood; so consider character, loyalty, intention, and psychological state prior to issuing an invite to anyone. It is once again, your name that they are riding on.

Additionally, I am going to use my site, Manhood, Race and Culture to serve as a discussion forum for our group under the category and tab of the Brotherhood Initiative that can be found as a Category at I would hope that we could use this as a gathering place to discuss off air any issues, topics, or suggestions for the show. And beyond that, to further get to know how one another thinks and plans to aid our people out of their current state. The spot should also be used to solicit aid for your projects as needed.

So welcome to this sacred moment. I am certain that I speak for “Queen”, Starboy, and BruthaMike X in saying that we have been building toward this moment for some time and are ecstatic that you are here to participate in the UAC movement. So let’s get it.

James Thomas Jones III

Manhood, Race, and Culture greatly appreciates your participation on this site. We would love to receive your feedback regarding the site. We are dedicated to working toward the uplift of the Race 'by any means necessary' including, but not limited to education.