5 thoughts on “Brown Eye/Blue Eye Social Experiment”

  1. I really liked this video I want to watch more videos of her trying this experiment on people. I did notice that a few blue eyed people didn’t take the experiment into consideration and felt like their not racist and everyone experience discrimination not one is greater than the other. Yes everyone have possible experienced discrimination against but that have nothing to do with racism. The lady with the blonde hair and blue eyes was really offended for some reason so I feel like deep down inside she is racist that’s why she was so angry. Also the brown eyed white people that didn’t want to participate because they felt like their not racist and its wrong to do that to other people wouldn’t have felt that way if the people were a different race. We need more people out here like her to try teach people how 1% of how racism feel. What she was doing is considered a walk into a candy store compared to what African Americans actually went and still go through.

  2. After watching this experiment I feel as some “blue-eyed” people still don’t get it. The are so oblivious to the things that have gone on and things that are still going on around them. They don’t see racisms for what it is. In the video, some of the blue eyed people where questioning why they were being treated differently than the brown eyed people just because they had a different iris color. A question black people have been asking for years. Why do we get treat like sh*t just because of our skin tone. Why do we have to act white to be accepted by white people? We didn’t ask for our skin to be a darker shade than theirs, we have no control over our skin tone just as they don’t have any control over there eyes being blue. The blond hair blue eyes teacher stood out the most for me through out the entire video. “I’ve got one little girl she stunningly beautiful, she fell over, scrapped her face. I admit I was slightly surprised were she scrapped her face its all pink underneath. Did I expect it to be black, I don’t know?” Out of every ignorant thing that came out of her mouth this had to be the comment that really struck a nerve.

  3. I feel like the point of this experiment went over the blue eyed people heads. I say that because they tried to defend it with statements that made no sense. That one lady that compared living as a lack person to her ex husband having to dress and look nice. Those two ideas had nothing in common, bu the fact that she felt comfortable saying that and believing that shows that white people still have a lot of work to do. Like that black lady had said the white blue eyed people are afraid to walk in our shoes they couldn’t see what its like to be black for 45 minutes.
    Emotionally the video got to me i was kind of upset with the lady that sabotaged the whole thing not allowing people to learn. So i feel that she was also apart of the problem people had with racism.

  4. Jane Elliot’s experiment was conducted to show how it feels to be discriminated against due to a physical attribute that you cannot control. This experiment mirrored similar interactions blacks and other minority’s faced at the hands of whites. It was hard for some of the whites to bare the experiment, they constantly argued with Jane, and stated they were “uncomfortable”. I think the experiment worked and served its purpose, but I also feel that whites will never understand how it feels to be discriminated against being African American.

  5. Jane Elliot was trying to show how racism still exists. The blue eyed people acted as if racism wasn’t a problem. Jane Elliot felt there reason for this was because they never had to experience anything like this before. Just as they thought they were being treated wrong and unfair, she tried to point out that that’s what black people we’re experiencing for years. I believe the purpose of this experiment was to get people aware of the racism in this society and even the racism they have within themselves.

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