Dr. Tony Evans Clarifies His Position on the Utility of American Chattel Slavery

Earlier this week I penned a blog posting that took Dr. Tony Evans, Senior Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship and President of the Urban Alternative, to task for his most disturbing comments regarding the institution of American chattel slavery.

I am certain that you can imagine my surprise when I was contacted by a communications/public relations firm regarding the posting. Their communication carried with it a statement by Dr. Tony Evans regarding this matter. In the spirit of fairness to Dr. Evans and a display of my personal integrity, the additional information serves as the impetus behind this posting

In my earlier piece I took issue with Dr. Tony Evans’ remarks, reported in The Christian Post, that Pastor Tony Evans’ solution to the contemporary plight of the declining African-American family was re-visiting the institution of American chattel slavery in some for or fashion. The aforementioned periodical reported that Dr. Evans related, “In slavery we did not have laws on our side, the community on our side, the government on our side, the broader community on our side, (however) our families were a lot stronger. We were a lot more unified and we made a lot more progress.”

Making a response from Manhood, Race & Culture more imperative was the arrival of former Republican Party Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin onto the scene to opportunistically seize what has now been cleared up as either a poor choice of words or commentary that was taken out of context by The Christian Post. Palin, who is apparently desirous of reinstituting American chattel slavery, chimed in that “it seems like Evans has got it all figured out…Maybe it’s time to make another equally radical – no, scratch that – historical change that would bring the attention of the public back to the real Palinproblem – the black community in the US…What I’m talking about is realizing the pastor’s idea somewhat indirectly – bringing back slavery, only this time making it voluntary. That way, the people would be able to have the best of both worlds. On one hand, black families would become as strong as before, and on the other, it would reduce pressure on the already tense relationship between white people and the black community, not to mention that it would put down the racial fires all across the US once and for all.”

In the wake of what has apparently turned into a runaway train, Dr. Tony Evans issued the following statement on May 9, 2015.

“Slavery was ungodly, unrighteous and unbiblical. During slavery, the family was broken up by force by unspeakable atrocities even though African-Americans struggled to preserve it.

To offer clarity on both my intention and meaning, the black population was largely unified in fighting against the breakup of the family being forced on them due to the evil system of slavery. Black unity was a powerful force, to the greatest degree possible within the limitations of slavery, in seeking to keep the family intact.

My comparison to today is that we have lost some of our unity and the shared goal of keeping our family units together, and we are often making choices that are dismantling our own families and also hurting our own communities. We do not want to do to ourselves voluntarily what slavery did by force (i.e., destroy our families).

I have always and will always stand on behalf of justice, and do not condone oppression in any form. I condemn racism on all levels, whether personal or systemic. I am saddened that my remarks were removed from the context of my entire discussion.”

— Dr. Tony Evans —

We at Manhood, Race & Culture applaud Dr. Tony Evans for both the clarity offered as well as the quick response. We recognize the centrality of the Pastor in the African-American community and hated to see the tarnishing of the position via a few unwise, or taken out of context, words.

James Thomas Jones III, Ph. D.


© Manhood, Race & Culture, 2015

2 thoughts on “Dr. Tony Evans Clarifies His Position on the Utility of American Chattel Slavery”

  1. I was very shocked when I was reading the last post. For a well renowned pastor that did not sit well with many. As far as Sara Palin who knows…

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