‘Crazy as Cat Shit’: How Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has Definitively Proven that he is Crazy as Hell

One of the most commonly used terms is the word crazy. The vast majority of the time, the term is incorrectly used to describe someone that we may consider to be eccentric, CLARKE3peculiar, or even illogical. However, there is a population of individuals who may not be clinically diagnosed; however, they are undoubtedly ‘crazy as cat shit.’ Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr., a regular Fox News correspondent, is the latest Negro to definitively prove that he is ‘crazy as cat shit.’

In case you missed it, Sheriff Clarke Jr., has managed to maneuver himself into being the favored Negro of the Fox News Channel for his unshakable support of this nation’s police officers and opposition to any activities aimed at loosening the politico economic chains binding African-Americans. If one were to listen to this Negro, they would believe that Eric Garner caused his own death, Michael Brown’s death was justifiable, and Tamir Rice was little more than a future gang banger that the world is better without. Such sentiments are understandable when one hears Sheriff Clarke’s assertion on “Fox & Friends” that racism and police brutality are both relics of the past.

According to Clarke, “…there is no police brutality in America. We ended that back in the ‘60s.” The Sheriff must be given credit for his determination to prove his point. Not CLARKEmany people would sit on national television and cite a non-existent academic article to bolster their position. According to ‘crazy as cat shit’ Clarke “there’s a new Harvard study out that show that there is no racism in the hearts of police officers. They go about their daily duty, if you will, to keep communities safe.” Harvard University has denied the presence of any such article.

It is most certainly difficult to select the most absurd statement that ‘crazy as cat shit’ Clarke has made, as not even his unwarranted criticism of President Barack Hussein Obama of playing race politics fits the bill. Sheriff Clarke recently stated the following in reference to President Obama. “He has been a nightmare, and I cannot wait until January 2017 so that America’s nightmare can be over.”

Although the aforementioned criticism of President Obama displays an uncommon level of nuttiness, ‘crazy as cat shit’ Clarke’s view of the Black Lives Matter movement is quite possibly his most over-the-top CLARKE1commentary. According to Sheriff Clarke, the nation had better work to end the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement immediately as it holds the potential to become a significant threat to America’s internal security. Unbelievably, Clarke’s position is almost verbatim the exact same language that J. Edgar Hoover, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation used to alter the national climate in regards to the storied Black Panther Party for Self-Defense.

Clarke tweeted the following message, “Before long, Black Lives Matter will join forces with ISIS to (bring) down our legal (sic) constituted republic. You heard it first here.” This message was followed up with another tweet that fashions Clarke as a modern-day soothsayer that can tell the future. According to the second tweet, Clarke relates that “I have been right on every call I have made about these subversives. I will be right again.”

I have always made it a rule not to attack African-Americans in public as it usually does irreparable harm to our opponents delight. However, there are exceptions to every rule. This is most certainly one of those moments. Individuals such as Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. should be totally ostracized by the entire African-American community and labeled the traitor that he is. Only in America could such a fool have a national platform and use it to make illogical, unsupported, and polarizing statements that would make Bull Connor blush while maintaining his position as an elected official. Our community needs to develop mechanisms to take such individuals to task for the evil that they do; an evil that damages the entire community.

In the immortal words of Public Enemy’s Chuck D, “Every brother ain’t a brother.” There is quite simply no better characterization of ‘crazy as cat shit’ David A. Clarke being one of the greatest traitors we have ever had in our midst.

James Thomas Jones III, Ph. D.


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