Gods of Egypt: The Whitewashed Version

This blog is being re-issued in honor of the upcoming movie Gods of Egypt. Director Alex Proyas has apologized for casting mostly white actors in his upcoming film based on Egyptian mythology.

Lionsgate, the studio releasing this historically inaccurate film, issued the following statement.We recognize that it is our responsibility to help ensure that casting decisions reflect the diversity and culture of the time periods portrayed. In this instance we failed to live up to our own standards of sensitivity and diversity.”

One of the primary roles of history, regardless of if we are talking about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, the Great Awakening, the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln, or Joan of Arc is for humanity to learn something significant from the re-telling of the story. There is always something to learn from the lives and events of the past; however, they should be based upon some element of truth.

Now as a Historian I recognize that we are still arguing about certain aspects of American history, did Andrew Johnson intended to re-enslave recently freed Blacks or was he simply inept in his role as U.S. President, did Richard Nixon orchestrate ‘Water Gate’, was Ronald Reagan the devil incarnate? These are matters that are debatable between two opposing sides; however, I have grown weary of an extended tradition of white filmmakers advancing historically unsupportable events that go well beyond them simply being wrong regarding the event or persons involved, they are blatantly lying in regards to such matters. And unfortunately they are outrageous liars. A reasonable person would have to go to ridiculous levels to match their lies.

They have white-washed historical events in a blatantly ridiculous manner, who would have ever thought that Cleopatra, in Black Africa, looked like Elizabeth Taylor or Angelina Jolie. The film Exodus verifies that their lies know no end. Now we know for certain that the Egyptians were people of color, they left plentiful artifacts and drawings to verify this point; even the nose on the Sphinx was African. Yet whites continue to advance a lie that the Egyptians, and honestly anyone of any historical worth, was white skinned. The lie is as outrageous as me asserting that Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump are actually Black.

So in light of the debut of the movie Exodus, I thought that it would be interesting to definitively prove that the Egyptian, particularly the Pharaoh, and the original Jews, most notably Moses and the Messiah (Jesus the Christ) had to be people of color. So that you do not think that I am being biased, I am going to use the logic of one of the greatest historians to ever live, Dr. John Henrik Clarke.

Dr. Clarke used the following points to expertly display that what we are seeing in the repeated depiction of Biblical stories is historically inaccurate in regards to the selection of actors.

  1. Were the Egyptians people of color? Of course they were, they left portraits of themselves so there is absolutely no doubt that they were brown/tan skinned.
  2. Now if we agree that the Egyptians were brown/tan skinned, well Moses, the Jew, must have been similarly colored. We must remember that unbeknownst to the Pharaoh, Moses was raised in his home. I am quite certain that you agree that the Pharoah, as you would today, would have immediately questioned everyone around if there was a white boy being raised in his home. No explanation regarding why he was white and we were brown/tan skinned would have sufficed.
  3. Now we agree that Moses had to have been tan/brown skinned.
  4. Now that we have verified that Moses, the Jew, was tan/brown skinned, like the Egyptians, it is not far fetched to believe that the other Jews, Moses’ ancestors were tan/brown skinned.
  5. If the Jews were tan/brown skinned, then the figure that Christians refer to as the Messiah, Jesus, Yeshuah bin Yoseph (the son of Joseph) must have also been a tan/brown skinned person like his fellow Jews.
  6. Now I am certain that many are saying that there were other populations in this region as well; Dr. Clarke does not disagree. However, that argument only strengthens his argument that the people in this region were people of color.
  7. The Greeks, with all of their writing, never claimed Jesus.
  8. The Roman representative, Pontius Pilate, who arranged for Jesus’ crucifixion explicitly, states in the Holy Bible a question for Jesus’ accusers that reverberates to this day; “Why do you bring him to me? He is not a Roman, I have no authority over this man.”
  9. So he was certainly not a Greek or a Roman, which leaves only one other population, those tan/brown skinned people over there in Egypt.

So as we watch yet another depiction of a white-washed Biblical story, please keep in mind that these depictions have everything to do with the white imagination and absolutely nothing to do with historical accuracy. And they do matter, otherwise it would not be so difficult for whites to tell the truth.

This latest depiction of the Exodus story has inspired me to develop my own script that is loosely based upon modern American history. The current working title is, Here Come the High-Steppers: The Black Presidents that you never knew about and how they saved America. The movie will be a biopic film focused upon the lives of Rockin Ronnie Reagan, Tricky Dick Nixon, Genius George Bush, and Slick Willie Bill Clinton. I am unsure when it will be released because no Hollywood Studios have agreed to fund the project, even my protest that it is as historically accurate as Exodus has not convinced them to open their pocketbooks. However, I have succeeded in lining up an all-star cast of Black actors to portray the Presidents: Denzel Washington has agreed to be Ronald Reagan, Chris Rock will be Richard Nixon, Samuel L. Jackson will be George Bush, and of course, Bill Cosby will be playing Bill Clinton. Make sure you catch it when it comes out; it would be of great use if you could advise me on how to get white people to lose their collective minds to fund my project. I am taking ALL SUGGESTIONS.

James Thomas Jones III

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