Without a doubt the most difficult aspect of addressing the African-American community, particularly when it comes to Black men, is that one never wants to come off as if they are supporting the arguments that whites have simplistically used to explain away their politico economic monopolies.

Far too often, white elites, and illogically working-class and poor whites, have advanced a sophomoric argument that makes hard work the only difference between ‘the have’s and have not’s’ in America. Put simply, if you work hard in America, you will succeed. Conversely, if you have not succeeded, well then you have not worked hard enough. When taken at face value, this simplistic argument that so many whites’ have used to explain away their privileged possession boils down to a harsh critique of African-American culture; a critique that ultimately terms it dysfunctional.

I have learned to tread very lightly in regards to these matters because if I agree too strongly with the argument that African-Americans have a dysfunctional culture, discrimination, racism, and white world supremacy are given a pass; while my failure to truthfully acknowledge the bountiful amounts of dysfunction in today’s African-American culture, particularly as it deals with Manhood, Hip-Hop, anti-intellectualism, and a gross lack of civility would render my writing hot sauce 1and observations half-truths. As previously mentioned, it is a fine line that I have learned to walk. However, there are exceptions to every rule; Lamarr “Hot Sauce” McDow is one such exception that removes all reservations I possess regarding African-American cultural dysfunctional.

Now I am absolutely certain that you have no idea of who Lamarr “Hot Sauce” McDow is, so let me refresh your memory. “Hot Sauce” is the boyfriend of Marie Holmes, the young lady who won the Powerball lottery in North Carolina for $188,000,000.00 in 2015.

As of this writing, Marie Holmes has bailed “Hot Sauce” out three separate times for various drug offenses — authorities ‘allege’ that they have confiscated 2,500 bags of heroin from his possession during two separate raids — the most recent bond Holmes posted was for $12,000,000.00; yes, you are reading that correctly, twelve-million dollars. Officers arrested “Hot Sauce” last Tuesday for violating a pre-trial release hot sauce 5agreement behind his dealings with heroin; that arrest came days after “Hot Sauce” had been arrested for his role in setting up an illegal street race in Brunswick County.

As previously mentioned, I take every measure to avoid co-signing much of the disdain that whites direct toward African-American males, however, in the case of “Hot Sauce” McDow I am at a total loss regarding what I could possibly say in his defense. He is an obvious example of an individual who has become so steeped in a dysfunctional culture that not even millions of dollars are capable of extricating him from.

One thing is for certain, “Hot Sauce” is incredibly consistent as he was a fool without money and has continued that tradition now that he has access to millions of dollars. Considering her repeatedly poor decisions, Mrs. Marie Holmes most likely takes great hot sauce 3pride in that her man will always be the same, unfortunately for her, if she continues to bail this fool out they will have had the unique experience of going from poor to rich, and then back again; one thing is for certain, “Hot Sauce” will have remained the same throughout the entire ordeal.

I guess that probably counts for something somewhere someway somehow.

James Thomas Jones III

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