I am certain that you have noticed that recently I have been very lax in regards to writing for Manhood, Race and Culture; please do not fret about it and rest assured that I have been busy writing. In actuality, this time away from Manhood, Race and Culture has allowed me to complete several very overdue projects.

This time away has also provided me an opportunity to reflect upon many things, one of the most interesting has been a charge that was ‘hurled’ at me recently by a so-called ‘revolutionary’ that I had the displeasure of meeting via a panel discussion. The charge was a relatively shocking one, yet one that I am somewhat familiar with as I have heard it previously. The charge that I am alluding to is that I, Dr. James Thomas Jones III, and by-extension people like me, are a major part of Black America’s problem.

Let me to the best of my ability illuminate what occurred and how I was characterized by not only this “revolutionary” but also others participating in this “forum”. I must first relate that I have tired of these self-professed revolutionaries who have studied little, yet speak with an uncommon fiery tone that riles the emotions of our people; there is one thing that is certain, if you are able to tap into the emotions of African-Americans while speaking, they will follow you not to the gates of hell, they will follow you until you are in the presence of Lucifer Morningstar himself.

I must relate that it was weariness regarding self-professed that caused me to challenge this brother with the following question. “What exactly do you mean by revolution?

His response was simply, “What? Brother everyone understands what we mean by revolution.”

I responded with, “So you are talking about overthrowing America?

His response was, “You got that right brother. Babylon must fall. We need to get rid of these devils so that the righteous Black man can take his rightful place.

The question that apparently set not only this brother off, but also many in the room was what I considered a natural follow-up question, “So what system do you propose to put in the place of the existing capitalistic system.

Unable to answer even this simple question, this “revolutionary brother” lost his cool and flew into a litany of insults from me being an “Uncle Tom”, “sellout”, “traitor”, “informant”, “agent”, and “Conservative”. To my utter dismay, many of the others in the room joined in; I guess that they could not answer the question either.

Now that I reflect upon this matter, maybe, just maybe I am from a ‘different tribe’ and simply not ‘their kind of people.’ I say this because I have absolutely no interest in making fiery esoteric speeches that rail against ‘the system’ and a yet to be identified oppressive “man”. I am much more interested in creating programs and working to build up my people than foolishly trying to tear down others with words and no action.

So if that makes me a Conservative, which it most certainly doesn’t, in the words of Redman “I’ll be dat.” However, one thing that I am committed to not being is unreasonable and foolish. And I must tell you, from my perspective, that is what the vast majority of today’s self-proclaimed ‘revolutionaries’ are with their questionable historical constructs, lack of vision, and prejudiced speech.

Now you may consider this post divisive, and if you do, you are probably one of these fools that it is addressing. And let me be very clear about something, and please listen very carefully because it could very well save your ignorant life, I have the same level of fear or concern for you as the yet to be identified ‘man’ because we both realize that you are going to do nothing but talk and as the saying goes ‘sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me.’

Maybe if the so-called ‘revolutionaries’ put some action behind their words, they would give the world a reason to fear them and a reason for their followers to believe that they will eventually be freed from the politico economic strife they have endured for centuries.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III


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