At the risk of being totally out of step with today’s Black political elite, I must relate that the manner in which they have attempted to hand deliver the African-American vote to Hillary Clinton is in a word treasonous to the entire race.

There is little doubt that historically African-American voters have followed the directives of their leadership be it religious or political. HILLARY 1Far too frequently, such individuals were so entrenched in their political positions that they could be considered Lords controlling serfs chained to the bottom of society without any hope of ever improving their plight.

Although it is difficult to accept, African-Americans have not only been trustworthy, but also reliable in regards to voting for whomever their leadership told them to vote for. White politicians such as Hillary Clinton have realized that they do not have to earn the Black vote, rather they simply need to curry favor with a few crucial Black politicians and the leadership of a few national level Civil Rights Organizations.

African-Americans are once again proving to be that old slow-moving trustworthy and reliable mule that blindly follows their political elite. When the alluded to leaders endorsed Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton for the vast majority of Blacks that sealed the deal; there is apparently no need for them to listen to the candidates for themselves and analyze the issues with an independent mind.

If they did even a surface level investigation they would quickly discover that their self-appointed political leaders are hard-pressed, heck Hillary Clinton herself is hard-pressed, to articulate what she has ever done that makes her deserving of the African-American vote.

The manner in which African-American elected officials have fallen over themselves to endorse Hillary Clinton despite her failure to articulate a coherent, logical, and believable plan to address the politico economic plight of any segment of the African-American community leads one to believe that they have actually sold out their constituents for a yet to be seen reward once Clinton takes over the Oval Office.

It is most certainly time for African-American citizens to stop blindly following their elected officials if such individuals continue to operate as if their personal political interests and aspirations supercede those of their constituents.

I challenge any African-American elected official or religious leader who has endorsed Secretary Clinton to please articulate why they have given her their endorsement over Senator Sanders. What policy recommendation, which economic position has tilted your support toward Clinton?

I am absolutely certain that not a single leader will take this challenge to heart and respond. The truth of the matter is that they really do HILLARY 2not have a need to respond, because they have for the longest time had the Black vote in their back pocket and there is no one, not me, not you, not their constituents who can sway them from their present course. And there is no doubting that such activities are not only a disservice to their constituents, but also central to their continual languishing in political powerlessness and economic poverty.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

© Manhood, Race and Culture, 2016



  1. It is true that black people have chosen to be happy lambs walking to knowing slaughter when it comes to voting. The lack of knowledge of the election process, not to mention the issues is staggering.

    In my opinion both parties need to be disbanded and new members put in and true establishment of the independent party.

    On top of that removing lifetime health and salary benefits from senetaors, congressmen and others needs to occur to free up money and the sense of entitlement they have established.

    As far as the so called black political leaders. They need to be lost to memory and actual people that have a vested interest and understanding of the issues become leaders. But old money and the maintain slave status mentality has stopped that from happening.

    1. I agree with so much of what you said. This nation is in desperate need of a reorganization of its priorities and an infusion of common sense. I love your idea that the parties need to be disbanded. And yes, our people have most certainly willfully chosen to be lambs to the slaughter.

  2. What are your recommendation? What is the plan? What has Sanders done to help Black people? Problem identified. What is the solution?

    1. I believe that the only logical plan is to get as far away from “traditional” politics and revert back to THE LEFT in the truest sense of the word.

      Consider for a moment what used to be the American Labor Movement, which was destroyed by Ronald Reagan, and its gravitation to operate as big business behind such figures as Samuel Gompers and Walter Reuther instead of remaining true to its basic premise of representing workers.

      It is not that I am endorsing Sanders, however, I do believe that he, particularly his philosophy of being a Social democrat, is the best role for a society.

      The solution to the contemporary mess that America is in is actually relatively simple in that we need to see an immediate cease and desist in regards to the accumulation of unconscionable resources by the top .2% of this nation’s economic elite and the purchase of politicians by such individuals who then go and do their bidding and pave myriad loopholes for them to avoid paying taxes on money that was generated on the backs of an increasingly poor working-class, no need to mention what their activities have done to an always tenuous ‘middle-class’.

      Additionally, as we well know that there is an inverse relationship between economics and ‘racial violence’, meaning when people are struggling economically, they are more likely to fight ‘the others’ that they rightly perceive to be their competition for sparse resources. Fix the economy and re-orient this nation’s priorities where we recognize that the greatest investment we can make is in our children and the most honorable thing that we can do is take care of our elderly and we will witness the arrival of a ‘new Jerusalem’.

      However, it is going to be a hellish fight to achieve such.

      Bernie is carrying the message regarding what a Social democrat is and I doubt that Americans are ready to understand the concept that a nation’s resources are best used to take care of that society, however, he is setting the stage for another who will follow behind him.

      My primary problem with the “Blacks for Hillary” people is that the vast majority of them are following the directives of our “political leaders and clergy” and are therefore not making an informed decision regarding this matter.

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