I am proud to relate, as I previously stated in a posting last week, that I have been busy working on a few other projects, and through prayer, perseverance, and patience I have finally reached the finish line and published 5 Manuscripts in a single day; I tend to work on several projects simultaneously.

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O’Bruni: An African-American Odyssey Home?

This work follows my travels through Ghana in search of a connection to my ‘ancestral homeland’.


Manhood Race and Culture Volume 1

Manhood, Race and Culture (Volume I) Is a compilation of all the writings that were produced on this site during its initial year of existence.




Manhood Race and Culture Volume 2


Manhood, Race and Culture (Volume II) is a compilation of all of the writings found on this blog site during its second year of existence.




‘Foolish’ Floyd: The Life and Times of an African-American Contrarian

This work follows the trials and tribulations of the ultimate contrarian, ‘Foolish’ Floyd as he seeks to navigate his way through life and solve the politico, economic, and cultural issues facing the Black community.


Creating Revolution as they Advance: A Narrative History of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense is a timely study of The Vanguard organization of the Black Power Era and the American Protest Scene. Considering that people are still evoking the memory of the ‘Panthers’ this work delves into who these courageous young people actually were and the myriad forces, both inside and outside, that worked to destroy not only the organization, but also the membership. This was a most personal fight for those who opposed the liberation of America’s poor.



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