Although we hate to admit it, the truth of the matter is that the vast majority of Americans have little understanding of politics and by extension what their vote should be used for. Dare I say if the average American has little clue regarding the utility of the vote that the average African-American is even worse off in this regard.

In today’s Representative Democracy that allows for every citizen of legal age and good standing with the nation to voice their opinion regarding the future direction it should go, it is imperative that HILLARY 3citizens not only participate in the electoral process, but also participate in an intelligent manner that serves to bolster the nation by advising the correct path it should travel to sustain itself.

It is this precious vote that allows citizens to not only elect, but also to remove those whose vision threatens to damage the nation.

It should go without saying that the poorest and most marginalized in our society should not only be the most engaged in the political process as those elected shall set the rules for what is, and more importantly isn’t, permissible within the nation-state, but also the most informed; they should have a special impetus to be informed as they know very well the perilous existence that they, and their people, have experienced for decades, if not centuries as a result of their non-participation.

Unfortunately, the exact opposite has occurred, it appears that those who are most marginalized politically and economically are the most detached from the political process.

As with most negative things, African-Americans portion bountifully exceeds that of others. Not only are they detached HILLARY 1from the political process as related by a familiar refrain within many segments of Black America that it does not matter who is in office, but also susceptible to being used by national level political leaders and organizations as pawns in a larger political game that they will never see any tangible benefit from.

The game being run on the vast majority of African-Americans is a very simple one for Black elected officials such as those currently endorsing Hillary Clinton to execute.

The alluded to members of the Congressional Black Caucus, who are behaving as if they are in someway related to the Clinton’s, simply grab their candidate of choice, on this occasion it is Hillary Clinton, and usher them through several photo ops with notable African-Americans and appearances at Black churches, not to mention ‘community forums’ that raise nary a major issue facing Black America.

Unfortunately, that is quite simply more than enough to not only earn the Black vote, but also cover any previous contradictions or racism that even a mild ‘vetting’ process would expose.

In the end, the elected official who arranged this charade will receive some hidden benefit while their people languish in the HILLARY 4poverty that they have come to know so well. The elected official will move forward with a clear conscience as they never intended to do anything to aid Black America and honestly, Black America never demanded anything be done for them.

This sordid tale is sad, yet true. And will most certainly not stop anytime soon.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

©Manhood, Race and Culture, 2016.


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