There are moments that are actually so great that you not only cherish them, but also unselfishly wish that everyone can have one like it.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I grew up in the midst of the arrival of Hip-Hop Culture and have a never-ending affair with PHIFE DAWG 7Rap Music that not even the proliferation of ‘wack’ emcees such as Drake, Young Thug, and the list goes on and on, have been able to disrupt.     

Rap is a very funny siren in that just as the masses gravitate to things that in my opinion, and trust me when I say that I am not alone in this assessment, should have never seen the light of day, this enchanting temptress that I will never leave gives us emcees such as BIG K.R.I.T. to slyly remind us that she is still in control.

From my perspective, Hip-Hop culture is a bonding agent that should be put on the periodic chart. Considering that I am an avid lover of Jazz Music, it is obvious that I will never leave Rap alone.

So it is not unusual for my son and I to travel listening to a combination of Jazz and Rap. I must relate that it was during one of our ‘road trips’ that I learned something about my son that convinced me that I have the coolest son in the world.

On this particular day, James jumped into the car, grabbed my IPod and quickly scrolled down through several play lists until he found one that he, at the age of three or four, had created for himself. Only true Hip-Hop heads will truly appreciate what I am about to say, my son created a play list with nothing but A Tribe Called Quest songs, and the featured song was none other than ‘Can I Kick It?

As the co-pilot on our venture, James knew that he was in charge of selecting the music and my God he selected from the top shelf by blessing me with A Tribe Called Quest.

So here we are, father and son, traveling to our destination with James asking, “Can I Kick It?” and I repeatedly responded with “Yes, you can.”

I share this quick moment in honor of A Tribe Called Quest’s Phife Dawg who recently entered the realm of the ancestors. I am quite certain that he is somewhere in a Cypher at this present moment PHIFE DAWG 6amongst a glorious assembly of emcees, a place that he has truly earned. And I am hoping that his initial words as he approaches them will be “Can I Kick It?” and of course you know there response will be “Yes, you can!”

Rest in peace brother.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

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