‘Foolish’ Floyd: The Life and Times of an African-American Contrarian

Please allow me to introduce you to ‘Foolish’ Floyd.

Now I am certain that we all know someone like Floyd, a fifty-something year old Black man, you had better not dare Floyd that he BERT WILLIAMS 1is an African-American, that that has ALL of the answers to Black America’s problems. Floyd’s biggest problem is that, and these are his words, we are just to darn stupid to listen to wise counsel. To hear Floyd tell it, we are just too darn comfortable living with oppression and since we have never done better, we most certainly do not know any better.

Floyd’s Words of Wisdom

  •  I’m Black!!!! Ain’t never been to no damn Africa! And neither have you. 
  • Let’s say that I do go and tell the police who did it. Hell, everyone in the 5th-Ward knows who did it; that ain’t no big secret…The next thing you know, Ol’ Floyd is going to be down at the police station picking these bastards out of a line-up, then I have to go to court and testify against them in public. The entire time, I am living next door to their people. No sir, I will pass on getting my head blown off. Let someone else pay the hero, I would rather be alive.
  • And I’ll tell you another thing, the entire time that I was on that Bert Williams 2campus, all I witnessed was a bunch of Black people dancing around in a circle, skipping classes, and don’t get me to talking about the fact that I didn’t see anyone, and I do mean anyone, carrying nary a book. Hell,I began to think that they had lied to me and instead of being at a place of higher-learning, I was actually at a filming of Soul Train. Shit, I was waiting on Don Cornelius to show up.
  • Why is it that everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, has to deal with race? If we simply stopped focusing so much on race and racism, it would simply go away. Would it not?
  • You’re doggone right I was praying for one of those Metro officers to
    get on the train. Hell, I would have been ecstatic if an entire platoon jumped on the train. The car that I got on was most certainly filled beyond maximum capacity with what appeared to be nothing but niggas. And yes, I am intentionally using that term, they weren’t Black, they were pure-bred niggas straight from the ghetto.Jim Crow
  • I have two good reasons that I don’t shop at the Black store. Reasons that I wished that I could have shared with those Revolutionary niggas before they attacked me for shopping at the Arab store. Number one, I am on a fixed income and the Arab store is much less expensive. Number two, I know that fool who owns the Black convenience store, he owns a gang of them, and he is most definitely not re-investing his money back into the community, he is putting it into his damn pocket as he heads to his plush pad in River Oaks;over there with the white folks.

‘Foolish’ Floyd: The Life & Times of an African-American Contrarian

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Introducing Foolish Floyd


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