Why Calvin Broadus aka ‘Snoop Lion’ is Incorrect Regarding Roots

I must be honest in saying that the foolishness of our people never ceases to amaze me. I mean honestly, when you think that our Snoop 1people have reached a level where their foolishness can go no further, they do something else to remind us that their irrationality really has no end. Yesterday it was the foolishness emanating from “Black Trump Supporters” who have somehow managed to work against their best interests, today it is the rising of our newest cultural critic, Calvin Broadus, aka Snoop Doggy Dogg, aka Snoop “Lion”.

For those who may have been fortunate enough to miss the asinine cultural commentary of the individual known as ‘Snoop’, the West Coast rap icon recently denounced the remaking of Alex Haley’s Roots. According to ‘Snoop’, the re-issuing of Roots on Memorial Day was a sly, if not subliminal, way for whites to remind us of the physical harm and psychological devastation that they have historically bestowed upon our people.

After hearing ‘Snoop’s’ feeble attempt at weighing in on something more substantial than marijuana, I could do nothing more than shake my head at his statement. I now know that this is where I made my mistake as I incorrectly assumed that the nation would shake their head at this foolishness. For some inexplicable reason, I was surprised when droves of Negroes took to social media and offered their support for ‘Snoop’. Such action is merely another sign that large-swaths of the African-American community have lost their minds.

In their rush to denounce the re-issuing of Alex Haley’s Roots, ‘Snoop’ supporters have failed to realize several obvious problems. Snoop 4One of the first being that ‘Snoop’ has absolutely no footing to stand upon regarding the images that are presented to our people. Have we forgotten that it was ‘Snoop’ who appeared before the public with two African-American women chained with dog collars around their necks while he held the chains. Not to mention the fact that ‘Snoop’ has served as one of the most prominent advocates for drug use and misogyny within our community.

I believe that those who have rushed to support ‘Snoop’s’ foolishness are misguided individuals who fail to understand the importance for every segment of American history. It is this historical record that contextualizes each aspect of the American experience that we see today. Failure to recognize this dooms us to an inglorious future.

It is strange that many Negroes, ‘Snoop’ and his followers included, are apparently ashamed of the ‘slave’ experience. I have always Snoop 5found it peculiar that African-Americans, unlike any other people who have experienced a Holocaust, find shame in the experience; little do they know, the shame is not ours. The shame should be placed upon the various populations (Africans, Jews, the Catholic Church, the Portuguese, the British, the Dutch, etc.) who eagerly participated in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade for profit motives.

If only our people would take a moment and realize that we should carry no shame as the victims of the African Holocaust. The shame is for those who perpetrated this global atrocity; a population that does not necessarily include all Europeans who are classified as ‘white’ in our modern society.

Until we are able to get an understanding of this matter, individuals such as ‘Snoop’ will find much company in their effort to avoid the topic of slavery; one of the primary pillars to this nation’s existence. It is only through looking directly into our collective history will we ever gain an understanding of ‘from whence we came’. And until we understand ‘from whence we came’, we will never have an opportunity to move forward.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

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Author, Creating Revolution as They Advance: A Historical Narrative of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense

Author, ‘Foolish’ Floyd: The Life & Times of an African-American Contrarian

Author, O’Bruni: An African-American Odyssey Home?

4 thoughts on “Why Calvin Broadus aka ‘Snoop Lion’ is Incorrect Regarding Roots”

  1. I said the same thing Snoop said 4 years ago. We need to see and hear more positive things that portray us on a daily basis. Not slave movies and things that show us Shuckin n Jiving! Black women are constantly clowned on TV shows and Movies. Black men get the same treatment, but since we Love ourselves and are content with who we are, we are more excepted in this white mans world. (When it comes to Movies and Entertainment, not the Cops) If we constantly see and hear we were slaves and now we hear (On the radio) we are drug dealers and prostitutes, (To our own Community) then of course we will appear to be F’d Up! But Y’all don’t hear Me though!!!

    1. We certainly hear you and I actually agree with the sentiments that you are presenting. My point is that you cannot be a central character in the production of these images and then criticize other issues; although the slave experience has been done repeatedly, Snoop has no footing to criticize anything. I just think that each and every aspect of our story, good and bad, must be investigated and shared with your youth.

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