Is it FOI Time?: Addressing the Absence of Masculinity and Civility within Urban America

Aiyyo here’s the situation: idioticy
Nonsense, violence, not a good policy
Therefore we must ignore, fighting and fussing
Heavy’s at the door so there’ll be no bum-rushing
Let’s get together or we’ll be falling apart
I heard a brother shot another, it broke my heart
I don’t understand the difficulty, people
Love your brother, treat him as an equal
They call us animals — mmm mmm, I don’t agree with them
I’ll prove them wrong, but right is what your proving them
Take heed before I lead to what I’m saying
Or we’ll all be on our knees, praying

Heavy D

I have found myself shaking my head with increasing frequency at the antics of many African-American males that have made me wonder if some of us are actually the uncivilized beasts white racists allege. Although I have stood on the front lines defending my brethren on many an occasion, the truth of the matter is that I have tired of the routine and now am compelled to ‘speak truth to power’ regardless of the repercussions or whom I offend.

So it is with a clear mind that I relate my absolute disgust with a recent shared video depicting the exploitation of a random African-American male by a bigger more aggressive male for some type of debt. Now I am sure that many of my niggardly brethren will take the posture of “that’s just how the game goes”; however, I must my niggadisagree and relate that such activities should never occur within any community of civilized people. Despite their inability to consider such things, the victim of this horrendous attack does not bare the shame, rather the perpetrators (the attacker, camera person, and witnesses) involved that shoulder the entire weight of the blame.

The witnessing of a frightened African-American male being stripped of his clothing and then beaten with a belt, reverts my mind back to a period of time when marauding Ku Klux Klan members tracked down defenseless African-Americans and executed an attack aimed at psychologically destroying their African-American victims. To see this attack executed on a Black man by a negro male is the height of lynch4absurdity as it relates not only the injustices of the world, but also provides a clear view point of what occurs when we allow our people to wallow in pure ignorance and believe that the accumulation of material items (money, gold chains, tennis shoes, etc.) is the aim of life. The perpetrators in this attack have allowed things, such as an inconsequential amount of money, to supersede their ability to recognize their own people’s humanity.

It is beyond time that African-American communities takes a stand against such antics and get the perpetrators of such horrific attacks from our midst ‘by any means necessary’ as they mean no one, not even their foi2own people, any good. Although I abhor black-on-black crime; if it meant the removal of such individuals from our midst, I am more than prepared to excuse intra-racial violence  if performed for the collective good of the Race. Considering that local law enforcement officers have proven to be of no utility regarding the safety of African-Americans, I think that it is time that we commission a group such as the Nation of Islam’s Fruit of Islam to patrol our community and mete out justice to all offenders of Black civility? I think that time has come because this circus like behavior must cease and desist immediately.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III


2 thoughts on “Is it FOI Time?: Addressing the Absence of Masculinity and Civility within Urban America”

  1. I couldn’t have said it any better Dr. Jones. Your comment should resonate with us all, enough is enough ! ! ! If we don’t care about each
    other, why would we think anyone else should. Lets get off of the blame game and start looking within. Its all out of ignorance, and those who want to stay ignorant, then they create a living hell, for themselves and
    all of those around. So we are our brothers keeper, lets do a better job, starting with the MAN or WOMAN IN THE MIRROR.

    1. Brother, I could not have said what you just said any better. We must stop this foolishness by any means necessary. We must regulate our own and set standards.

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