Stacey Dash: The Village Idiot Returns to Attack Jesse W. Williams

There are very few people whose words are capable of generating the equivalent of a psychological ‘shock & awe’ moment for me. However, stacey dash 3I must give credit where credit is due, Stacey Dash has the ability to leave me nearly speechless each time she opens her mouth to address any racial matters. As a person who writes on Race, I would be remiss if I did not thank Stacey Dash for being the equivalent of an incurable sexually transmitted disease, she is quite simply the gift that keeps on giving.

I honestly believe that Stacey Dash is one of those rare individuals who could not be more ‘Clueless’ in regards to racial matters if she intended to be. Consider a few of this village idiots comments in the wake of Jesse W. Williams recent Black Entertainment Television speech.

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: BET is keeping racism and segregation alive and this past Sunday’s awards show proves it.
  • “(The) Grey’s Anatomy star…tirade…was nothing short of an attack on white people. What he said was straight out of the Black Lives Matter playbook
  • “(Jesse W. Williams is) the perfect example of a HOLLYWOOD plantation slave! Sorry, Mr Williams. But the fact that you were standing on that stage at THOSE awards tells people you really don’t know what your (sic) talking about. Just spewing hate and anger.
  • GET over yourself and get on with it! That chip on the shoulders of JESSE WILLIAMS 1people like you will weigh you down and keep you from flying free…If anyone is making you feel this way its you. Living in a psychological prison of your own making. If anyone is GHETTO-IZING anyone, it’s people like you letting the BETs and other media outlets portray us in stereotypes.

Although there is a natural inclination to rely upon Malcolm X’s description of individuals such as Dash as merely ‘house slaves’, the truth of the matter is that persons of such ilk are particularly dangerous to the never ceasing political discourse regarding racial matters. To simply state that Stacey Dash pollutes the alluded to discord is a gross understatement.

In actuality her contribution to any discussion of Race in America is the equivalent of her lowering her pants and panties, if she wears any, and taking a long dump into a reservoir that we all must drink from. Make no mistake about it, Stacey Dash is the lap-dog of a white conservative class that desperately seeks to not only avoid any connection to present-day racial inequalities, but also tolerate the presence of African-Americans including Stacey Dash herself.

The most unfortunate aspect of Stacey Dash is that she obviously does not have a single person in the world who deeply cares for her, ifStacey Dash 1 she did have such a person in her life they would have most certainly pulled her to the side by now and arranged for her to have a complete mental check-up because there is most certainly something wrong with how she receives and processes information. Or maybe Stacey Dash is fully aware of what it is that she is doing and has somehow made peace with her lot in life. Regardless of the genesis of Dash’s public stupidity on Race matters, it is unfortunate that she is incapable of understanding that she is making a damn fool of herself at every turn for the world to see.

Although there is a part of me that wishes someone would pull Stacey Dash to the side and tell her to sit down and shut up, there is another part of me that is amused by her feeble attempts to issue commentary upon Race issues. Who does not enjoy a good laugh? I certainly do! And I am certain that you agree there is nothing more hilarious than watching Stacey Dash attempt to address racial matters.

Stacey, whenever you see those white conservatives that you have surrounded yourself with laughing uproariously at your desperate, yet feeble, attempts at being a political commentator or social critic, please understand that they are not laughing with you, rather they are laughing at you because you have managed to transform yourself into the foremost joke to the entire nation!!!!!!

Unfortunately, that is no joking matter.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

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