Micah Xavier Johnson: Black America’s George Washington

“I’m a good ol’ country boy and it ain’t never made me sad,

it’s always made me glad when the chickens come home to roost”

Malcolm X

From the moment that I heard that officers were taking sniper fire in Dallas, Texas, my mind instantly harkened back to the 1960s, the CREATING REVOLUTION AS THEY ADVANCEmost volatile moment in American domestic politics, and a long-forgotten pamphlet that I read while conducting research for my book, Creating Revolution as they Advance: A Narrative History of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, that advised the only way that African-Americans could issue any semblance of physical resistance to the military wing who protect the interests of the American ruling class was by assuming guerrilla warfare tactics similar to the Vietcong during the Vietnam War.

When I heard that the shooter who in my opinion brilliantly executed a military assault from a mere parking garage, I intuitively knew that MICAH 1he had some type of exposure to military science. To hear that the shooter, Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, had been trained by the U.S. Military as an Army reservist who earned the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal for his service during two stints in Afghanistan (November 2013 and July 2014) was not surprising.

Former Serviceman Micah Xavier Johnson used his military training to ultimately kill five Dallas law enforcement officers prior to being subdued. According to Dallas Police Chief David Brown, Johnson related that “…he was upset at white people…he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers…he was upset about the recent police shootings.”

Although many have dismissed Micah Xavier Johnson as a person who is mentally deranged, to dismiss him as such is a grievous error that ultimately leads people to abandon the pursuit of taking any lessons from this incident.

Let’s face facts, if persons decide that Micah Xavier Johnson was crazy, we must also place the most important person in this nation’s history in the same ‘loony bin’. The person that I allude to is none other than George Washington.

A cursory examination of these two individuals reveals interesting correlations. They were both trained in military science (Washington was trained by the British — Johnson was trained by the U.S. MICAH 3Government). Both of these individuals took a principled stand against tyrannical rule (Washington took issue with the British for how they treated the colonists — Johnson took issue with the continual murder of African-American men). Both of these individuals took the initiative to act upon their impulses (Washington trained colonists and led their resistance against British tyrannical rule — Johnson executed what appears to be a ‘lone wolf’ assault against law enforcement officers in Dallas, Texas).

Predictably, news and media outlets have proven to be in a rush to denigrate Micah Xavier Johnson in a host of ways. From my perspective, Micah Xavier Johnson is no different than George Washington as he not only realized that his people were suffering under a tyrannical ruler whose power was so vast that not a single colonist was safe, but also had the courage to do something definitive in their defense. It is for this reason that a people who have been economically exploited, politically confused, and socially ostracized that we may very well need to take a moment and applaud Micah Xavier Johnson for doing something definitive to aid our kind.

Dan Freeman

©Manhood, Race & Culture, 2016

2 thoughts on “Micah Xavier Johnson: Black America’s George Washington”

  1. GW was fighting a tyrannical government, Johnson was adding a battle line by color of skin. going out fighting a regime that oppresses is one thing, but he didn’t want to even give collateral damage an opportunity. he hated vs tried to liberate.

    1. Many would argue, correctly I might add, that Micah Xavier Johnson was also battling a tyrannical government by facing down their military. There is no way that one can miss the fact that this regime that currently controls the North American continent has never been even partially fair to persons of African descent. Their tyrannical reign over persons of African descent is a few years from being 4 Centuries, not decades, long. Regardless of how you feel about MXJ actions, there is no doubt that they were aimed at liberation, just as Washington’s were.

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