How Sandra Bland’s Death Reveals a New Enemy to Black Liberation

One of the most disturbing aspects of the recent death of Sandra Bland is what it truly reveals about so-called Negro leadership. For those who may not know who Sandra Bland is, she is the courageous young lady who was sandy5recently ‘found’ dead in the Waller County Jail approximately a week ago. Ms. Bland had just returned to Prairie View A & M University from her hometown of Naperville, Illinois, intending to work for her alma mater. Unfortunately, that goal did not occur as she was found dead in a Waller County jail cell approximately ninety-six hours after her arrival.

The absence of a courageous unabashed response from so-called Negro leaders has led me to re-evaluate many of the ‘givens’ surrounding such individuals and ‘the movement’ in general. Quite possibly, the most significant re-evaluation revolves around one of my favorite Malcolm X quotes. Those who admire this Black Nationalist Titan in the same vein as I do will recall Malcolm’s admonishment/warning to Civil Rights Leaders pursuing integration that “only a fool would let his enemy teach his children.”

I have always envied Malcolm’s ability to make complex issues relatively simple for listeners. This quote is dripping with a bountiful unmistakable truth that has maintained relevancy decades after it was initially uttered. Brother Malcolm’s quote has forced me to consider the unthinkable, could it be that Negro leaders are the enemies that Malcolm is alluding to in his quote; I am hard-pressed to find any contradictory evidence to support so-called Negro leaders as they continue to operate out of a daily position of ridiculousness and irrelevancy that has wrapped itself around the alluded to figures like a comfy blanket that they are determined to never relinquish?

Now I am certain that many are aghast at the suggestion that contemporary Negro leaders are a major part of contemporary African-American problems and will react with ridiculous rhetorical charges such as I am blaming the victim. However, I believe that such ‘knee-jerk’ reactions flow from a larger tradition of protecting our own from any type of criticism, including constructive criticism. The truth of the matter is that those I am addressing today have earned this criticism via their display of poor leadership.

It did not take much time to realize that if those who loved or even cared for ‘Sandy’ waited for Negro sandy4leaders to lead the charge against the Waller County establishment, this case, as so many others, would have been ‘swept under the rug.’ Unfortunately, the Sandra Bland case, along with many others, has publicly displayed the reality that local, state, and national level Negro leaders do not have a clue as to the path toward Black liberation. I am often left considering that maybe that is not their goal at all. If such were their goal, even those as inefficient and inept as they have proven to be would have come up with a means of mobilizing some semblance of Black politico economic resources by this point. Sadly, not even their futility and ineptitude has cost them their position as so-called leaders.

Maybe, just maybe, it is time to re-evaluate Malcolm X’s timeless statement that “only a fool would let his enemy teach his children.” In the new millennium could it be that Negro leaders have now taken the place of our traditional oppressors and worked at a frenetic pace to ensure that the next generation of activist becomes beholden to Negro elites whose only power rests upon their exploitation of the Black masses. If you observe them closely, the alluded to Negro leadership routinely rushes to co-opt grassroots movements such as the one formed among both the alumni and current students on the Prairie View A&M University campus for their own selfish, let financially lucrative, purposes. In this case it was so-called Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant.

The great Black Panther Party leader Fred Hampton once remarked that “War is nothing but politics with bloodshed and politics is nothing but war without bloodshed.” It is time that African-Americans realized that they are actually at war. Unfortunately, one of their major enemies is Negro leaders. I fervently hope that we can disengage from the mesmerizing charismatic charlatan Negro leadership that not only consistently derails Black liberation movements, but also serves as a self-promotion opportunity for so-called Negro leaders.

We must stop being the fools that Malcolm told us we would be if we continue to allow our enemy, in this instance so-called Negro leaders, to infiltrate our movements and more importantly the minds of coming generations of African-American activists. There is consensual agreement among those of us seeking liberation from racial oppression that our children’s minds must be protected as Malcolm X was known to state, ‘by any means necessary.’

James Thomas Jones III, Ph. D.

©Manhood, Race, and Culture, 2015.

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4 thoughts on “How Sandra Bland’s Death Reveals a New Enemy to Black Liberation”

  1. I agree whole-heartedly. It appears many black leaders of today are purposefully-placed in strategic areas in order to appease and quiet black Americans who refuse to live in a nation where they are still being hunted and killed like animals -many killed by people who are placed in order to serve and protect them.

    But my question is: How can black people and/or other believers of true justice to revolt against institutional racism as a coherent, unionized body? The brave spirits of Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey and DuBois and countless others have been wrongfully-taken throughout history. It seems as if the media protecting every death at the hands of a white supremacist has fulfilled its requirements and has desensitized and discouraged the minority/humanist community from completing their mission as God’s people. Christians should know that God has no love for the cowardly, according to the Bible.

    I pray that this repetitive cycle of sinister, narcissistic racism does not end with a dozen or so refugees fighting in guerrilla warfare, but it seems as if that is what fate intended. Throughout American history, any mobilization or empowerment of black lives in particular has been harshly-stricken down by the powers that be. And the movements who have ‘sustained’ are weakened by the dependence upon the almighty dollar through ‘funding’, grants, and ‘donations.’

    To bring things closer to home: even the radio announcer over the KPVU radio was infuriated as he sat next to me at the private ‘public’ press release of Sandra Bland’s murder in the Juvenile Justice auditorium a few days ago at Prairie View. He informed me how he was strictly-notified that he is not to broadcast ANY information/thoughts over Sandra Bland, and that any information must be approved by the head of the Communications Department first. Now why is that?

    To quote the great and late Frederick Douglass: “Power concedes nothing without demand.” How powerful is our demand going to be? The marches and peaceful protests are with good intentions and do collect attention, to some degree. But black people have been marching in America over 100 years and I have yet to see any earnest reform in the institutionalized racism created by the inter-twined white elitists in local and federal governments. They have their private meetings in Freemason lodges in almost every town and city and life goes on. I value justice over my life but I do not want to die in vain.

    There are strength in numbers. If many black groups such as the BPP and others are becoming unreliable or have been compromised and infiltrated, it might just be time to begin gathering brothers and sisters to a NEW group, bringing justice: “by any means necessary.” -X

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments. It is truly a complicated time for many people whose ultimate pursuit is the modern day gold, meaning materialism, that the dominant community holds over their head. I also agree that most groups have become reliable and little more than ambulance chasers that do little tangible good for African-Americans. Although it is difficult to admit it, our people, due to their political disorganization and economic inefficiency do not currently possess the ability to issue a demand on the existing power structure; they often mistake their whining and begging for a demand. Great comment.

  2. Sister Vicki,

    She was not arrested by campus police, it was actually a yet to be discussed initiative aimed at attacking campus violence (we had 4 students murdered last year) and drugs.

    Although Sharpton may have been addressing/publicizing this unfortunate event. The point is that such tactics, merely propagating my fallen student, are not enough. However, it has been the standard practice and the one that many striving activists such as Jamal Harrison-Bryant, who is on our campus as I type this, have implemented. There is never an effort to organize these populations politically. It is a sensational show that eventually sizzles out. Once again, it is unfortunate that many of our aspiring activists think that propagation is the lone step to Black liberation and they are SO WRONG.


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