‘Foolish’ Floyd Arrives at the Republican National Convention (DAY 1)

I must be honest with you about several things: (a) I was not surprised that Floyd took his ignorant ass to Cleveland in an effort Melania Trump 1to support the Republican Party, (b) I am a bit bothered by Floyd’s last minute decision to support Donald Trump; he claims that
Hillary Clinton is a liar and ‘if she will lie, she will steal, and if she will steal – she will kill, (c) I could not wait for Floyd to call me about the Republican National Convention’s initial night of political festivities. And I am certain that you know why I could not wait for Floyd’s call.

I guess that it was approximately 6:00 PM when my first communication, a ‘selfie’ nonetheless, arrived from Floyd, to my utter shock, this fool was decked out in Red, White, and Blue from head to toe, he even had his hair dyed in those colors; my initial thought was that he looked like a tattered American Flag.

I did not actually speak to Floyd until after he left the convention at around 10:00 PM Central Time. As I am certain that you can imagine, as soon as I answered his call, it was obvious that Floyd was full of enthusiasm. Floyd was so on fire that he did not waste any time with the usual pleasantries; he dove directly into the conversation.

Now I know that you saw it, please tell me that you saw THAT!!!!!”

Although I suspected that Floyd had to be talking about Melania Trump’s speech, even he is not crazy enough to support the racist thoughts espoused by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

I simply asked Floyd, “Saw what exactly?

Nigga you know what I am talking about, you just trying to be difficult.

Since you seem to be extra ignorant tonight, I’ll make it plain for Bert Williams 4you. I am talking about my future First Lady, Melania Trump. Man, I’ll tell you something that is a beautiful woman; television doesn’t do her any justice. She’s more beautiful than you could ever imagine. And smart, man I’m telling you she is the total package; beauty and brains.

It was at that moment I realized that Floyd had absolutely no idea of what occurred in the moments that Melania Trump left the stage after delivering the speech that she publicly claimed to have written. It took everything in me not to burst out laughing at Floyd because I was certain that his unbridled ignorance regarding Melania Trump’s plagiarism would soon cause his entire world to come crashing down. I decided to proceed with extreme caution. Apparently, I waited too long because Floyd began to ramble again.

You see that’s what we need in a First Lady. Imagine the reaction other countries are going to have when they see Melania Melania Trumprepresenting us. You know, I’m just going to come out and say it. Melania is not only more beautiful than Michelle Obama, but also more poised! If you heard that speech tonight, there is absolutely no way that even you could deny that fact! Michelle has absolutely nothing on Melania, not even intelligence.”

Although I doubt if he cared at all, Floyd had not only pissed me off with his comments about Michelle Obama, but also forced my hand in regards to this matter. In those moments that I was listening to ‘Foolish’ Floyd, I decided that I would not proceed gingerly; the last thing that I was concerned with was Floyd’s feelings.

Floyd, you liked that speech hunh?”

As I am certain that you can tell, I was setting Floyd up for a quick knockout blow.

You damn right I did!!!!!!!

Floyd, do me a favor and turn on the News.

What you mean? My TV is already on; I’m watching Fox’s coverage of the convention.

Floyd, please turn on MSNBC. I know that it is going to pain you to hear this, however, FOX doesn’t have the coverage that you need to see at this very moment.”

I heard Floyd change the channel, and after a few moments, a storm of cursing commenced.

You mean to tell me that this Bitch done copied the whole damn speech? Get the fuck out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lord, is anyone righteous? If that angelic being could lie to me, Lordy, who can I possibly trust?

I had learned a long time ago that I should never give Floyd a pass on anything; he considered a sign of weakness, not kindness. So I went in on him immediately.

See, that serves your Black ass right. Here you are disrespecting Michelle Obama and falling in love with some Slobobakian chick that can barely speak English. Up there giving a damn speech about honesty and truthfulness that she done stole from Michelle.

What was that you were saying earlier about her being the complete package? Floyd, you a fool if you believe that shit!!!!!!

In the middle of my diatribe, Floyd began cursing, ranting, and raving at I soon realized no one in particular.

Man, I got to go. Oh, Lord I done been hoodwinked by these white folk. Let me get my shit and get the hell up out of here. This bitch Bert Williams 3done stood up in front of the entire nation with a damn stolen speech. What type of people will steal your goddamned thoughts? That’s thieving on a whole different level.

Nah, fuck this shit, you ain’t got to show me but once. Ain’t this a bitch? I thought only Nigga’s did shit like this. They ain’t gonna make a fool out of my black ass no more, done gave me a round-trip ticket to this bullshit, paid for the room and everything. Well, I’ll be goddamned…”

I thought that it might be best to just hang the phone up and let Floyd have whatever time he needed to recover from his initial night at the Republican National Convention.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

©Manhood, Race and Culture, 2016

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