It’s Nation Time?: Why Black America Desperately Needs Umar Johnson, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Every Other Black Leader You Know to Step Back and Work Towards the Development of an Independent Black Political Entity

After watching the Republican National Convention, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the only path forward for African-Americans in regards to politics is the development of an independent political entity, not necessarily a political party, that is capable of not only creating, but also effectively issuing demands on behalf of our community.

If we have learned nothing from the recent RNC Convention it is that legitimate independent political voices have been muted during such venues.

Now I am certain that there will be a few naïve contrarians who eagerly point out that there were a few African-Americans whospoke at the RNC, however, such an observation further CLARKE1legitimates my call for an independent African-American political entity. The alluded to voices used their fleeting moments to address the nation to do nothing other than denounce the African-American community. There is no one in Black America with even a slight interest in securing ‘the liberation and salvation of the Black nation’ who does not loathe the host of characters that the RNC Convention trotted out onto the stage. Put simply, we recognize that persons of such ilk have and will continue to opportunistically seek paths to what amounts to a king’s ransom in exchange for explaining away Black suffering.

Although I would love to state that the primary problem facing African-Americans in the political arena is the repeated occurrence of having Black voices muted by ‘the establishment’. However, I am unable to truthfully make that assertion. The reality is that the foremost issue facing the Black community politically is what can only be termed inept leadership. Black political leaders — elected and community appointed — have proven incapable of going behind closed doors, as every other racial/ethnic group does, and creating a political agenda. Instead of creating a political agenda, a pre-requisite to group uplift, Negro leaders have spent their time copious amounts of fame and fortune.

I am certain that rival racial/ethnic groups that we are competing with for limited politico economic resources laugh hysterically when so-called Black leaders assemble at the latest Black Leadership Summit to develop politico economic strategies, in public for the world, including our rivals, enemies, and opponents, to see. Such actions are akin to the Cleveland Cavaliers allowing the Golden State Warriors to sit inside of their locker-room and listen to their strategies for the pivotal Game 7. It appears that sitting under blinding spotlights and being broadcast on C-SPAN is more important than meeting behind closed doors and working toward the development of a political agenda for Black America.

Put simply, it is time for African-Americans to retreat from their allegiance with the existing parties and work toward creating a political entity that will not only create a politico economic agenda, but also diligently work toward organizing what can only be termed scattered, inefficient, and ineffective politico economic resources that hold the key to ending what appears to be a generational curse of intense poverty and never-ending exploitation that has been placed upon African-Americans by some soothsayer.

Although many contrarians will take issue with this call to focus our attention upon the development of an independent African-Dr. John Henrik Clarke 1American political entity and seek to remind us that we are actually a numerical minority whose numbers will lead to us to ultimately being ignored by numerically superior whites. To such individuals I would simply respond with something that I once heard Dr. John Henrik Clarke quip, “You wouldn’t say that to the Jews.” Meaning that although the Jewish community is numerically small, their politico economic might is feared by all.

Please do not take this as a call for you to end your affiliation with the existing political establishment; however, I hope that you would consider it a call for our community to develop our own political agenda that expresses our best interests and therefore allows our community to present our issues in a palatable way for political candidates on the Left and the Right.

Let’s be honest, without a political agenda it is impossible to even issue a demand upon either political party. It is the combination of the absence of a political agenda and the organization of politico economic resources that has contributed to the muting of the African-American voice in the political arena. I am certain that you have grown as tired as I have of so-called Black leaders “talking loud and saying nothing.” Until we develop an independent Black political agenda that will be the most that we can expect from these clowns who call themselves Black leaders.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

©Manhood, Race and Culture, 2016


6 thoughts on “It’s Nation Time?: Why Black America Desperately Needs Umar Johnson, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Every Other Black Leader You Know to Step Back and Work Towards the Development of an Independent Black Political Entity”

  1. So have we not read Powernomics by Dr. Claud Anderson. The national plan to empower black America has already been written. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel…we need to work together to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

    1. Sister Tora, I agree wholeheartedly with what you have stated. Unfortunately, I must relate that the VAST majority of our people, even those who claim to be a part of the movement, have neither engaged Powernomics nor have any idea of who Dr. Claud Anderson is. And that is a doggone shame. I sense that you are as frustrated as I am regarding this seeming addiction to ‘re-inventing the wheel’ that our people continually do. The blueprints have already been created and are available to one and all. However, if it is not in a Youtube video or entails an irrational, and unproductive fury of fleeting emotion, we have no urge to engage it. Unfortunate, yet true.

  2. This comment, was, right, on point.
    I agree..being under the lights, and on Cspan, accomplished NOTHING! Peace, Yvonne, NYC.

    1. Nice to meet you sister Yvonne, I hope that you will visit the site and leave comments frequently.

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