Considering all of the moving parts involved in the centuries-long politico economic oppression of African-Americans, it is quite understandable that the path to liberation is convoluted and complicated. Put simply, when one takes a look at the contemporary manifestation of Black Nationalist politics and ‘so-called Black leaders’ it is painfully clear that the “conscious community” has very little understanding of the path to liberation.

Unfortunately, this failure to gain an accurate understanding of the various forces oppressing African-Americans has caused multiple errors in recognizing the myriad interlocking points of exploitation that those who have historically oppressed the African-American community have not only implemented, but also the subsequent failure of ‘Black leaders’ to create a realistic strategy to counter the myriad well-worn strategies and tactics that our opponents have executed against our community. Black leaders behave as if the politico economic exploitation that our people have experienced over the past four centuries emanates from a playbook with millions of plays, nothing could be further from the truth.

Black America’s opponents have been able to extend their politico economic reign by efficiently running the exact same plays over and over again. Put simply, the strategies, tactics, and exploitative schemes that whites have used against our community are not flowing from some burst of genius or ingenuity with each new generation. Nothing could be further from the truth; our politico economic oppression is caused by relatively simple political moves and economic philosophies.

To my chagrin, it appears that ‘so-called Black leaders’ are a little slow in understanding what is occurring. It is this realization that has left me no other recourse than to expound upon several points that I hope our people will not only heed, but also apply to their lives as they are critical to our individual and collective liberation.

  • Make educating your children your foremost occupation.
  • Pursue a relevant education that will uplift your mind, we must never forget that brother Malcolm X admonished our people that “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
  • Guide our children from the moment that they articulate life goals toward a path that will maximize their entrepreneurial impulses and desires.
  • We need more employers and fewer individuals who believe that being an employee is the height of professional success.
  • Realize that the family is the primary building bloc of every great nation, do your best to keep your families together.
  • Become politically astute by studying politics and then registering to vote.
  • Always remember that as Chairman Fred Hampton put it, “Politics is nothing but war without bloodshed.”
  • We must elect, and monitor, those who will represent our best interests; our elected officials must be repeatedly reminded that if they fail to represent our community after they are elected that they will be summarily replaced during the next election cycle.
  • Circulate your dollars among your own people by supporting Black businesses at each and every turn.
  • Cease using a broad stroke to cast disdain upon your people via language such as ‘that’s why I don’t go to Black businesses.’
  • If you have an issue with a Black business, highlight that business and by-pass the use of ‘loose’ language that paints all of them negatively.
  • Stop the well-worn practice of reacting to racial incidents as if you are an ambulance chasing attorney.
  • Although there is a place and a time to respond to racial incidents, those actions should never be mistaken for building up the community.
  • Spend more time, resources, and energies building up our community instead of wasting resources traveling, lodging, and dining in areas that have experienced a racial incident.

I am going to end this list right now, feel free to add additional points to this posting that I may have missed.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

©Manhood, Race and Culture, 2016

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