2 thoughts on “Remembering Emmett Till On What Would Have Been his 75th Birthday”

  1. Mamie Till was truly a strong woman. I cannot even begin to imagaine what it must have been like to go through such a trying time and losing a child. RIP Emmett Till. We still remember.

  2. First let me start by saying Mamie Till was a very strong and exceptional woman. I remember reading about Emmett Till death one day when I was on social media and came across a article and photo of him. The article made me sad when I read it a few years back but watching this video really touched my heart in so many ways. Being a mother of a son I couldn’t imagine how Mamie Till felt when she let her son go to Mississippi knowing their ways out there and her sons personality. She let her son go on a trip and to get a call saying he was found dead beaten to death in a river is just unbearable. It really makes me upset that the 2 men walked away free and then wrote a story about what they did to Emmett and sold it for $4000 and still didn’t face any charges. Also I know in that time blacks were afraid to speak and stand up for their selves and race but I don’t like that they let fear run their lives like that. Watching this video gave me a hurt feeling but also a proud feeling. I was happy to see the that our race started standing up to whites and Emmett’s death opened our race eyes and instilled courage in them. I wish he didn’t have to die and suffer the way he did but because of him African Americans are living in a better time. He was the stepping stone needed to get to were we are.

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