How an American Journalist Polluted the Political Arena by Attacking Michael Brown’s Mother and What Should Have Been Done About It

There used to be a line that no one would cross in their interactions with others, including those that they deplored. As you well know, Michael Brownthat America is long gone as many of the rudest, crudest, and ignorant individuals in the world champion their right to pollute the public with what can only be termed ‘uncivilized behavior’ via a flimsy argument that invariably rests upon ‘freedom of speech’. It is in these ‘freedom of speech’ moments that one’s true “nature” is revealed for all to see.

There is no other place that reveals one’s true “nature” than that uncomfortable place where politics and Race intersect. Case in point are the recent comments of St. Louis, Missouri’s, KTVI (Fox News Affiliate) ‘journalist’ Bobby Hughes who reacted to reports that Lesley McSpadden would be included on the roster of speakers for the Democratic National Convention with the following quip on Facebook.

She’s going to talk about the new lead diet she’s endorsed. Five servings and you can lose 200 lbs in two years easily.”

Although Hughes has been relieved of his duties with KTVI, the damage has already been done.

What those on both sides of a Presidential race that has devolved into a political inferno filled with unprecedented unfettered racial animosity fail to realize is that words are actually living things filled with unbelievable power and influence. The reckless and irresponsible use of harmful language only stokes the fires of a raging inferno that promises to still be a wildfire after the next President is selected by what can only be termed a dissatisfied and divided nation.

In the words of one of my most beloved mentors, “Some people make it hard to be a Christian.” Meaning that there are some statements and actions that can be put into the public sphere that is unforgivable, Bobby Hughes’ rhetoric falls into such a category.

Unfortunately for civility’s sake, the aforementioned comments were not widely denounced by a hate-filled American populace. It is that failure which causes those harmed by such rhetoric to deduce that their opponents agree with such filth. As a nation who considers ‘freedom of speech’ as one of its fundamental building blocs, it is important that we always stand on the side of right even if it is a sparsely populated area. Because if we know nothing else, it is that the sage words of Edmund Burke hold true to this very day. Burke penned the following admonishment for all to hear, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” It is that observation that not only rings true across time, but also should call all ‘civilized’ people to confront the ‘uncivilized’ at each and every turn.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

©Manhood, Race and Culture, 2016.

One thought on “How an American Journalist Polluted the Political Arena by Attacking Michael Brown’s Mother and What Should Have Been Done About It”

  1. i agree with this world being very cruel now, and i agree with the statement ” it is hard to be a christian” because people don’t follow there beliefs anymore and don’t live in a christianly way

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