I have always viewed individuals who claim that God paused during what must be an inconceivably busy day to communicate with them extremely skeptical.

Let me be absolutely clear, I have read scripture that indicates that God has spoken to ‘believers’ during trying times, however, in the modern day context I have come to consider individuals who claim that God has spoken to them as liars seeking to dupe naïve followers into believing that they have some special connection to the Most High. Experience has taught me that such moments are little more than a ruse aimed at advancing a self-advantageous agenda.

The latest in what I personally consider a lengthy list of religious charlatans is none other than Creflo Dollar. Incredibly, Pastor Creflo 2Dollar has not only reported, but also gives extreme significance to a recent dream, or nightmare, that he experienced. According to Dollar, God came to me in a dream last night and said that Trump is his chosen candidate.” And that was not all that God said to Pastor Dollar during his rapid-eye movement slumber. Ol’ Creflo also revealed that his omniscient — all knowing — God personally apologized to him “…for the mixed messages he was sending.”

Apparently the alluded to apology was the last indicator that Pastor Dollar needed to be convinced that as he put it, “…Trump has been touched by the hand of God.

I am certain that you expect for me to dismiss Pastor Dollar’s ‘dream’ as yet another example of why the Black clergy has seen its ‘difference-making’ ability within the African-American community decline over the past half-century. Make no mistake about it those are my personal feelings, however, I think that a quick dismissal of Pastor Dollar’s foolishness would be a grievous error because a sizable portion of African-Americans voters are heavily influenced by ‘Passa’s’ such as Creflo Dollar on a weekly, if not moment-by-moment, basis.

One must remember that the Black church has historically been the center of African-American life where an albeit scattered and inefficient bloc of Black voters could be accessed; one needs to look no further than the appearance of politicians at Black churches weeks prior to voting time for validation of this assertion. When an extended tradition of Black parishioners following the lead of ‘Passa’ in regards to whom they should vote for, Pastor Dollar’s dream could very well translate into an unprecedented nightmare for Black America.

Make no mistake about it, ‘Passa’ is the most politically powerful Black man in America on the Sunday prior to Election Day. It is for this reason that a figure such as Pastor Dollar should be widely Creflo 1criticized for allowing a mere dream to be his guide-post for real-world political matters. Although Dollar fails to realize this, however, when it comes to political matters, the stakes are high. The seriousness of Black political matters was best characterized by Fred Hampton who remarked that ‘politics is nothing but war without bloodshed’; political matters are too important for any segment of Black America to have their political position dictated by a ‘Passa’ who believes that an ‘all knowing’, yet apologetic, God appeared in his dream and told him that Donald Trump was his political choice. If we foolishly follow the ridiculous dictates of a figure such as Creflo Dollar I am absolutely certain that his dream will usher Black America into a hellish nightmare that none of us will be able to wake-up from.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

©Manhood, Race and Culture, 2016


  1. It is indeed sad that Black people allow themselves to be manipulated by this clown. Whereas, God will reveal things to you in a dream, this so called dream is not of God. Creflo Dollar is apostate of God and will say anything to achieve his crooked agenda. I do hope true Christians will ask God for the gift of discernment and stop being mislead by crooks. It is alot of them out there.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with your position. The Black church has been, is, and will be the most powerful entity within our community, we need to hold “Passa’s” feet to the fire as we should everyone else. What is the vision? Where is the execution of that vision? The body of Christ must operate as he would in a powerful, disciplined, wise, and definitive manner that leaves no doubt where it stands and who it stands for.

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