7 thoughts on “The Piano Lesson”

  1. In class you asked would we sell the piano for land or keep it in the family. Before watching the movie my automatic response was to sell the piano and get the 100 acres with no hesitation. The reason I said that is because I know the piano is apart of family history but I feel like having the 100 acres would be more beneficial for my family than the piano. I understood where Boy willy was coming from his sister didn’t use the piano and it could help them get land and start a better life. Honestly I think I would still sell the piano because even if I kept it I know it wouldn’t last in my family so I would be upset if I didn’t get the land.

  2. Before watching the video I thought selling the piano for land was the choice to make if needed but after watching the video I think there are ways to make money without having to get rid of it.

  3. In regarding to the question asked in class, “would you sell the piano that has been in your family for years” I would not. Even though the piano has been in the family for years, or decades that is a prize possession that obviously meant a lot to my family. You can always get money another way, but an historical piece that has been passed down from generation to generation you will never be able to get that back. And you have to think about your ancestors as well. They kept in the family for years, so out of respect also I would not sell the piano.

  4. I had previously read “The Piano Lesson” for an English class and my first thought was that they shouldn’t sell the piano because of all the family history it has behind it. They would basically just be trading it for land and obtaining more money which to me just leads to materialistic things. These things can be replaced but sentimental value will never be replaced. After watching the video my mind definitely did not change.

  5. After watching the piano lesson, I think boy-willie realized that family comes first before anything. Boy-Willie was set in selling the piano to get money to get his land. Even after known the history of the piano and how much it means to the family, and the generations behind it. I don’t think I would have tried to sell the piano in the first place..there are other ways to get money to get what you need. To most people family is more valuable than money.

  6. Before watching the piano lesson I agreed with selling the piano to receive more land to better a family and for more financial support. This was before I realized that money can never replace heritage. Money and land are materials things but heritage, that is history. Bernadine valued history and ancestry as boy Willie valued money and land. When she started explaining about how the piano was hand carved and how her mother used blood, sweat and tears on this piano, boy Willie came more to his senses. He always talked about how his father wanted him to make sure the family was well taken care of so selling the piano was the best option, but he never talked about his mother. Bernadine informed and was very passionate about the piano and the strength it stood for. After watching the piano lesson, I would not sell the piano for it has a more valuable meaning than money to this family.

  7. I feel as if the piano lesson is about people playing the piano in exchange for money or land of which they are paying off. Or the “piano lesson” could be a person give piano lesson to get money for his family or for land of which they can settle on.

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