Lorine’s Little Learners Request for Help

Rarely does an opportunity arise that I am moved to use Manhood, Race and Culture as a venue to request anything tangible from lorines-little-learners-1
readers. From my perspective, Manhood, Race and Culture is a sacred space that provides me an opportunity to positively impact the world that we often fail to collectively share on an equal basis. However, there are rare moments when I am prodded by a sense of pride, duty, respect, and responsibility to use what I consider my sacred space for a cause that is bigger than me.

Those of you who have been readers of this site realize that in the 3 years of Manhood, Race and Culture’s existence, I have only asked for you to support one business venture — Creative Gifts by Shawna — however, this post is requesting your support for not merely another Black Business venture, rather it is seeking your support for a dynamic young lady, Christole Page, who has taken the courageous step of not only becoming an entrepreneur, but also simultaneously helping to uplift our most precious commodity of all, our children.

Mrs. Page recently created a daycare center — Lorine’s Little Learners Child Care and Learning Center — that seeks to protect and educate the latest generation of children in the same tradition lorines-little-learners-5that her beloved maternal grandmother Lorine Young did for her droves of grandchildren. It would be disingenuous and misleading of me to not reveal that Lorine Young is the tie that binds me to Christole Page. Put simply, we were unbelievably blessed to share the same maternal grandmother and therein lies the genesis of my aforementioned ‘sense of pride, duty, respect, and responsibility’ for this young lady and her entrepreneurial endeavors. Put simply, I love, respect, and admire this beautiful young lady.

I hope that you therefore understand that when I recently received the following communication that I had no other choice but to share it with the readers of Manhood, Race and Culture,


My name is Christole Page and I recently opened a daycare center by the name of Lorine’s Little Learners Child Care and Learning Center, named after my late maternal grandmother. Most know that the Center used to be Happy Time Child Care.

People that have grown up in Mansfield, Ohio, know the importance of the child care center in this location and what it means to the community. Lorine’s Little Learners is helping families keep children safe while their parents are working or in school from 7:00 a.m. through 11 p.m.

I am asking for assistance with the purchase of a commercial refrigerator and freezer. The Center serves breakfast, lunch dinner and snacks to the children and therefore; the Richland County Health Department has made it a requirement for the Center to have a commercial refrigerator and freezer. 

Myself, the staff and the children attending the Center would be very grateful for any help in this necessary purchase.

Thank you in advance for all of your help!


Christole Page

Those of you who have followed Manhood, Race and Culture for any period of time know very well that I have taken great issue upon lorines-little-learnersthe one-dimensional reactionary ‘liberation plans’ that most of our people appear to be chained to as if there is no viable alternative path to Black liberation. Although I agree that righteous indignation as a response to racial injustice has its place within Black activism, however, the expression of one’s angst toward discrimination and racism will do little toward the liberation of our people.

I would hope that you would agree that a diversified attack would serve our people very well; put simply, at the same time that we are expressing our rage at racial injustice, we must also be about the business of conceptualizing, building, operating, and supporting our own business endeavors. Trust me when I say that such a tactic is the only path toward liberation.

So, it is out of this revolutionary spirit that I am requesting, not begging, you support Lorine’s Little Learners Child Care and Learning Center via their ‘GoFundMe’ account. Although it may seem cliché to say this, any amount would help achieve this most worthy goal.

Please do not allow this opportunity, and yes you should consider it a welcoming opportunity, to support a Black owned business passlorines-little-learners-4 you by, trust me when I say that you will be doing much more good for the Black community by aiding our children than aimlessly running to the streets to protest the latest racial atrocity or insult.

Although I would love to leave you with the words of Mos Def, “Quit being cheap, freedom ain’t free!” as an inspiration to support Lorine’s Little Learners Child Care and Learning Center; however, I think that it would be much more appropriate to cite the words of Marcus Mosiah Garvey at this moment, “Up You Mighty Race, Achieve What You Will”.

Strike a true blow for Black liberation by skipping a trip to Starbucks, that extra doughnut, eating out, etc. and donate those few dollars to this most worthy cause; the opportunity to help a young Black entrepreneur is right in front of you. Seize the Time!


Dr. James Thomas Jones III — One of Lorine’s Original Little Learners

2 thoughts on “Lorine’s Little Learners Request for Help”

  1. Did the daycare center receive the resources to make the needed purchases. She needs to circulate an information fact sheet to get donations!

    1. I do not think that she has raised all of the money. I sent her your reply and told her to get in contact with you.

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