18 thoughts on “Gullah Language Story”

  1. After watching the video multiple times, the only thing i was able to decipher is she was talking about slaves working and also dancing and goofing off. As they were playing the master came. I’m assuming she was saying that he was upset because she was stomping her feet. Then I think she said something about him taking a poop.

  2. I believe the woman is telling an old folktale. The folktale seems to be about her time with maybe an elder and he is trying to teacher her something about mixing something that has to do with a bird, and maybe some kind of a spirit that is dancing. Then I would say the old man in her story went to the bathroom with the mixture.

  3. Don’t nobody know what she is talking about. It seems to be that it had something to do with her favorite song/dance “Thriller.” ..But that remains a mystery. However, she did go to the bathroom towards the end of the video…Furthermore, its impressive how she switches dialects so effortlessly and it’s somewhat comical that the white lady just kind of inconspicuously creeped out of the camera, she was definitely confused.

    1. This is a funny comment! I was wondering if anyone else noticed the lady walked away from the camera .. honestly I probably would have did the same thing .. I believe she was talking about a bird then she did a little dancing .. I was thinking to myself throughout the video is this real like is she really telling a story

  4. It seems as though there is a story being told. i believe at some point the story involved a person strolling along maybe to take a walk and then got attacked by a bird.

  5. I watched the video twice and i think she’s saying something about the wind and flying and something taking a crap. Other than that i was extremely confused on exactly what she was saying

  6. After watching the video, I feel like she was telling a story about how fun everything could be because she was jumping around and her tone was joyful. But at the end she showed something like the dad was pooping or like not agreeing with what she just said and was showing it is as bad as peeing on the joyful gesture she was showing.

  7. After watching this, it seems to me like if the woman is simply telling a folk story (maybe about a bird). I’m guessing the people laughing in the background understood what she was saying, so I also believe the story was one that was meant to be funny and joyful.

  8. How she use to fly free like a bird before taking to work on a plantation. Where now she is being mistreated why she showed the motions of some using the restroom maybe meaning that’s what white people are doing to her.

  9. After much deliberation, I believe the story is about some large flying bird and a dancing woman. There could possibly be some kind of troll involved but I can’t be sure. I agree with Ms. Camp that the story does have a light hearted tone and could definitely be a comedic folktale.

  10. I think the story took place during slave times. I say that because some of the motions that she does mimic old folklore dances and mean men. From the story-teller I can also tell that it is a comedy and is meant to have humor.

  11. I also watched it 4 or 5 times and I feel like she was telling a story of maybe how the people where partying and having some type of fun. Through the video her tone was a bit joyful so I also feel that it was nothing serious.

  12. I feel as if she is speaking of a bird. By people’s laughter, I also assumed that it is a funny story. Maybe a story about animals talking about or imitating other animals.

  13. I watched this at least 4 times and the only thing I can come up with is that maybe it’s a comedic folktale. The way she presented it gave off a sort of light-hearted tone so I don’t think that it was anything extremely serious.

    1. I believe that story is an old folks tell. I think this might be a famous folks tail in their culture because people are gathered around to hear her tell the story. I story seems to be about a bird ( some type of large bird that is symbolic ). & it maybe be about a man or women that has some type of connection to the bird

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