African-American Male Agenda 2020: A Call for The Total Liberation of the African-American Community ‘By Any Means Necessary’

There is absolutely no doubt that the ascension of Donald J. Trump to the office of the Presidency has not only shocked the nation, but also father 5had a seismic affect upon the entire globe. The most politically astute among us are openly admitting that they have absolutely no idea of what is to come. Such uncertainty is understandable for anyone who viewed President-elect Trump’s tepid acceptance speech as it should have impressed upon them that he does not even know what is to come.

I know that so many within the African-American community were fearful at the prospect of Trump succeeding President Barack Hussein Obama into the White House, well those same people must be terrified now that what many political pundits considered an impossibility has come to fruition.

Although I will not cavalierly dismiss Trump’s victory as if it does not matter, it most certainly does. However, I am particularly puzzled at the African-American reaction to Hillary Clinton’s disgraceful political downfall. Many within our community are behaving as if the ‘Black Agenda’ was a major aspect of Clinton’s political platform.

Make no mistake about it, it wasn’t. There were neither back-room deals nor promises made to Black America by Clinton. Put simply, there is no need for political strategizing when dealing with a people whose vote is understandably taken for granted for reasons such as, whom else are they going to vote for?

What makes me absolutely certain that there were no secret deals arranged between the Clinton campaign and Negro leaders regarding the “Black Agenda” is the unavoidable reality that there is no “Black Agenda”; at least not one that reflects the needs and desires of the masses of African-Americans. Even if there were a “Black Agenda”, African-American politicians have yet to develop a reliable vehicle that would allow them to wield what should be an Excalibur for the collective good of Black America.

I am certain that those who believe that a political season expires will not understand that Black America must be about the business of father 4preparing for the next series of political activity at the local, state, and national levels. It is that understanding which prods me to issue this call for African-American men to begin constructing an agenda that surmises the issues (positive & negative) that we are facing, assesses what should be at the top of our political priorities, and paves a path forward that will lead to the ‘liberation and salvation of the Black nation.’

We must seize the present moment and be about the business of constructing an agenda for African-American males. What will this agenda look like? I have absolutely no idea, I do not portend to be an oracle with all of the answers regarding this matter.

I fervently pray that African-American men are able to embrace this call and come together as brothers guided by love and an unending father and son talking 2desire to uplift the entire African-American community. Can we please let our love for one another supercede any disagreements and discord that may arise over dogmatic and religious minutiae? Let’s move forward in love, in power, and with an unending love for ourselves as African-American men and those that depend upon us for courage and leadership.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

© Manhood, Race and Culture, 2016

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