ANGER IN THE NATION: “Hello, My Name Is America and I Am Addicted to Racial Hatred”

“You know, nowadays it.. seems like there’s a lot of..
Bad things going on and.. I guess a lot of it..
From the way I see it.. seems to still stem from..
Lack of feelings on our parts, it’s..
And how we relate or communicate with our..
Fellow brothers and sisters”

Considering the immediate increase in public displays of racially tinged graffiti that have appeared in places as diverse as the TRUMP 9bathroom doors of American schools to the walls of city buildings there is no disputing that the current perspective of a wide-swath of Americans regarding the historically divisive issue of Race is a toxic brew of unbridled anger and unadulterated hatred.

Although I would like to attribute the alluded to ‘up-tick’ in racial animosity to Trump’s victory, the truth of the matter is that the recent election results can only be credited with providing bigoted Americans permission to publicly display the contents of their unclean hearts and minds, make no mistake about it, the anger and hatred in the hearts of many whites is neither a recent acquisition nor has it been dormant; at best it resembles a percolating steaming coffee pot.

Even a cursory examination of American history indicates that there have been segments of the white community that have been groomed by previous generations to hate persons of African descent for no other reason than their skin color; historically speaking, it was common to hear whites discuss ‘skin color’ as if it were the result of an unceasing ancient Biblical curse.

When one considers the entirety of this nation’s sordid history on racial matters, it is reasonable to state that it is relatively rare to find whites who were not in possession of at least some portion of prejudiced thought; even this nation’s much-ballyhooed abolitionists may have agitated for the demise of ‘the peculiar institution’, however, such efforts should never be equated with a belief in or push for racial equality.

One thing that is certain, Trump’s victory is being processed as a significant cue from many, most certainly not all, white Americans to TRUMP 3unleash the legion of demonic agents that have swirled around in their spirits seeking a path of escape for far too long. We must remember that all people derive their cues regarding what is, and conversely what isn’t, permissible in public dialogues from their national leadership.

These matters have left me unsurprised at the post-Trump victory increase of racial hatred being articulated in public spaces.

Truthfully, it is particularly disconcerting to have individuals, many of whom have tangible power in this nation, whose daunting racial views are akin to rabid dogs on an unreliable leash now feeling as if they have been given permission to ‘let the dogs loose’ on all that disagree with their illogical political views and uneducated foreign policy TRUMP 7perspective that ‘white military and economic might always means right’. However, that is the America that we live in today; actually, it is the America that we have always existed in, it’s just that we were either too naïve or too cowardly to publicly admit it. And as we all know, the first step to getting help with any addiction is admitting that you have a problem. And rest assured that America is addicted to prejudice, discrimination, and racism.

So I will take this moment to boldly step forward and speak for the entire nation. “Hello, my name is America, and I have a problem.”

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

©  Manhood, Race and Culture, 2016

One thought on “ANGER IN THE NATION: “Hello, My Name Is America and I Am Addicted to Racial Hatred””

  1. ‘let the dogs loose’
    This is a comment I agree with as Trump was elected many people with races views do feel like they can step forward now with there races view they feel like they had bottled up for years

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