Why Pleas to Give Donald Trump a ‘Chance’ must be Ignored by the African-American Community

I admit that I spend a significant portion of my time seeking wisdom from others. The way that I view it, learning from others is one of the dave-chappellemost efficient ways to construct ‘a life worth living.’ Hence, when I come across an insightful quote, I do my best to place it in my mental Rolodex for future use. I have found that the practice provides me with a view of events that goes well beyond the superficial.

So when Donald J. Trump shocked many with his Presidential victory, I knew that his remarkable political ascension would prove to be a particularly divisive matter for the American citizenry, particularly those segments who believe that he is unwilling and incapable of representing them.

I was not surprised when optimistic portions of the American populace arrived with conciliatory talk that begged their fellow citizens to give Donald Trump a chance. Noted comedian Dave Chappelle offered the following commentary regarding this matter. “I’m going to give him a chance. And we, the historically disenfranchised, demand that he give us one too.”

I allowed my private pondering direct me toward a few words of wisdom. It did not take me long to locate two particularly poignant statements regarding the request to give Trump a chance.

  • The greatest indicator of future behavior is past behavior.” (Dr. Phil McGraw)
  • When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.” (Maya Angelou)

I am absolutely certain that the vast majority of American progressives, and even a few conservatives, will agree with my position that considering his past record, Trump does not deserve a complimentary chance. Life has taught me that it is impossible ‘to teach an old dog, new tricks.’

Let us face facts, Trump is, brash, braggadocios, arrogant, unyielding, inflexible and convinced that he is the smartest person in the room at all times.

I am certain that there is a segment of readers who are going to totally miss the fact that my criticism is aimed at Trump’s character, not his constantly evolving political positions, who are eager to utter that Hillary Clinton is no better in this regard; and I am absolutely certain that they would be stupefied to learn that I agree with that particular charge.

I hope that Trump supporters realize that my criticism has nothing to do with the Republican Party and everything to do with Trump’s dave-chapelle-2personage. Despite repeated attempts to ignore prominent negatives, the fact of the matter is that both candidates should have been discarded because of their prominent character flaws by the American people very early in this process. Let’s face facts, the American people dropped the ball on this matter and were ultimately left with a choice between Satan and Lucifer, meaning we are going to hell with both of them.

Unfortunately for the American people, our refusal to look beyond either the Republican or Democratic Parties meant that either Trump or Clinton would emerge victoriously. To the chagrin of many Americans, Trump is preparing to enter the Oval Office; if Dr. Phil McGraw is correct it is going to be a very rough ride for the African-American community and the Left. We must remember that as Maya Angelou eloquently pointed out, Trump has already shown us who he is, it’s just that we did not want to believe him; or maybe we actually did recognize him for who he is, an apt representation and reflection of far too many Americans.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

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