I believe with all of my being that if you love or even care for someone, it is your duty to point them in what you deem the correct direction. It is this baseline belief that my repeated calls for African-American males to begin constructing a political agenda for the next Presidential election emanates from; I call this campaign African-American Male Agenda 2020.

Many political pundits are stating that Donald Trump’s startling ascendancy up the American political ladder was greatly buttressed AL SHARPTONby the 16% of educated African-American males who cast their ballot in support of the polarizing candidate. At this very moment, a stunned ‘Left’ is not only reeling, but also seeking to understand what this “betrayal” by African-American males means for their future relationship with the Democratic Party.

It is obvious that those African-American males who somehow escaped the enchanting siren song that the Democratic Party has mesmerized our kind with since FDR’s Presidency has taken a step, most likely unintentionally, in the correct direction.

Now please do not misinterpret the above statement regarding an ‘unintentional step in the correct direction’ as implicit support for Trump because I could never turn a blind-eye toward his outlandish rhetoric or inappropriate actions; nor am I a Clinton supporter. I am applauding this portion of educated African-American males for breaking what has become a disconcerting cycle of Black America merely gifting their vote to the Democratic Party candidate as if it were bequeathed to them in a will.

For far too long, African-American males have foolishly followed the advice of national level political leaders and followed orders in regards to which way they should cast their ballot. I simply refuse to overlook what can only be considered an extended tradition of foolish Black national level political leadership that has repeatedly dropped the ball in regards to either developing a rationale political agenda or mobilizing eager African-American males behind it in the energetic manner that they call our people into the streets after a white officer has killed a unspecified African-American male. Instead of a political agenda aimed at securing tangible politico-economic gains, we get foolishness, race-baiting, and shallow rhetoric, each of which is an extremely poor and inadequate substitute for political strategy.

Although I hate to admit it publicly, I suspect that the primary reason that so-called Black leaders have repeatedly refused to develop and mobilize the masses behind an appropriate politico-economic agenda flows from their desperate desire for continued relevancy. Put simply, pervasive political illiteracy and disorganization are mandatory for today’s Black leaders’ existence and we must never forget that there is much money and prestige to be found in the plentiful fields of African-American political illiteracy and economic inefficiency.

It is for this reason that I applaud those who have been able to break the enchanting hold that Black leaders who find it self-advantageous obama2to remain beholden to the Democratic Party have held over our people for far too long. It is beyond time for African-American males to begin critically examining self-proclaimed Race men who are “all sizzle and no steak”. I have tired of these so-called leaders performing a predictable, yet disgustingly despicable slight-of-hand trick that calls for them to tap into the emotions of our people via slick rhetoric prior to escaping without providing anything close to a plan with not only their importance intact, but also their pockets filled with dollars that should have been directed toward the uplift of the community that they have failed to serve in any significant way for far too long.

I pray that we all agree that Black America deserves so much more from its leaders.

It is time that African-American males continue their migration away from ‘established’ political entities and forge their own path by developing a political agenda that they can all get behind and wield as a powerful weapon during the 2020 Presidential election; trust me when I say that it is not too early to begin this process, just ask our opponents.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

© Manhood, Race, and Culture, 2016




  1. The MAIN reason why they have failed to do this is because they are being paid by the very people they claim to be against.
    You tell me how Sharpton is $4million in tax debt but the IRS has not touched him nor said anything to him about it?
    You know what means.
    When are we going to wake up?
    Any black man that stands up for black people and I mean REALLY stands for black unity is no longer with us.
    You tell me how come Sharpton and Jackson yet here?
    After all these years?
    Yea, okay.
    Sharpton and Jackson is as much for black people as the KKK Grand Wizard!!!!!!!!

    1. There are a few of us who have REALLY stood up for our people and remain on this Earth. The problem with this entire matter is that Black leadership on the national level is literally anointed via their gaining access and notoriety on white controlled media outlets. Clearly highlighting the impoverished state of black newspapers. We quite simply do not have a mechanism to reach our people that does not have to go through white owned entities. The only exception to this is the Nation of Islam’s Final Call and even that has become a periodical that leaves much to be desired.

  2. We have so much completion and hate within our race that it’s hard for someone to lead us. This generation is very misguided and are so content with being the same as everyone else. I see and read about so much negativity that I don’t like social media. Instead if building each other up and pushing one another to become someone we tear each other apart. We don’t have equality within our race. It’s sad to see so much hate within the African Americans but I pray one day soon a change come.

  3. What we need to do is stop falling for the tricks and pretty words and look for action.
    I am ready for action.
    Let’s make things happen. Our ancestors got together, made a plan and executed it.
    These days?
    We just sit on online, arguing back and forth, calling each other coon and uncle tom while those who claim they are “enlightened” yet financially support those who they claim are their enemy.
    Where is the action?
    We need to hold our own accountable.

  4. Man..“all sizzle and no steak” meaning an exciting, promising, important, or aggrandizing buildup that proves to be unwarranted. If our “black leaders” needed to be summarized in one quote this would be a great expression to use. I do believe our leaders are just promise makers and not action takers

    1. I somewhat agree with your sentiment. However, I think that it may be time for us to divest from the charismatic leader model and assume a greater responsibility for the Race on a personal level. There has always been a part of me that suspected that our people have desired a spokesman for the simple reason that it takes them off of the hook in regards to what they are not doing.

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