Dr. Jones,

With today’s social issues and the hatred that Trump’s election is revealing, do you think that America is shifting back to a time when racism was a common occurrence?

Eliud Munoz

What a fantastic question that I am more than happy to address.

I am confident that this issue has its genesis with the recent rash of public racial incidents in this nation that many have attributed to Trump’s Presidential election. I somewhat consider attributing the rise in public racial animosity to the President-elect. However, I do agree that people often take their cues regarding what is and what is not permissible in any given society based on the language, temperament, and appearance of their leadership.

I do not believe that Trump is either the source or the primary catalyst behind the increasing racial animosity that has caught your attention. Racial hatred on the North American continent predates the creation of this nation and from all indicators will forever serve as the tie that binds various racial/ethnic groups together as they battle each other for resources.

Put simply; I do not believe that Trump’s Presidential victory is the cause for the noticeable increase in racial incidents. However, I do believe that if many of those who have “come out of the closet” and articulated long-hidden desires to resist any efforts to guarantee racial equality get their way, we will revert to a fabled American past where white-skin privilege provided unconscionable protections and opportunity. Such an occurrence would not only prove devastating to the struggle for racial equality but also would further embolden a wicked portion of the American populace who continue to resist the presence and prosperity of non-whites in this nation.

I hope that this answer addressed your issues and concerns regarding the rise of racism and a potential return to “the good old days.”

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

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6 thoughts on “ASK DR. JONES”

  1. Speaking to the question, if this is the case are black people going to go back to a time when we care more about each other?
    Helping each other?
    Growing each other?
    Looking out for each other?
    Protecting each other?

  2. Trump may have them feeling comfortable but it’s not his fault. At first I felt we should be worried but after having a talk about this topic in class Dr. Jones knock the worry right out of my classmates and I lol.

  3. That was a really great question because like myself I’m sure there are many others that were wondering the same thing! At first felt it was Trump fault that racist people were coming out and showing their true colors but we cannot blame him for others actions.

  4. I agree with this post though just because Donald Trump ‘s election is now revealing, doesn’t necessarily mean America has suddenly shifted back to a time with racism being very common. Even before time, the North and the South had been at a racial controversy in the 1800’s. So just because many of the citizens thinking that Trump has caused a racial occurrence is because they probably weren’t in favor of him being elected President of the United States. I also agree with the whole “coming out of the closet” idea, because those citizens are aware that Trump doesn’t believe in same sex relationships/marriages, so they are going to speak out by saying that Trump isn’t giving them their freedom of speech. As well as the other non White European homosexual citizens, they’re going to start a protest that Trump is races because he isn’t permitting them to have their own rights or own ways of living.

    1. My use of “coming out of the closet” had nothing to do with sexuality and everything to do with the sharing or racial prejudice by those who now feel emboldened enough to express such ilk.

      1. I don’t feel as though Donald Trump is the cause of the racial outburst; him being elected president has made me people upset again, but there were racial outburst before the election even started… white cops killing black people…news reports saying that Obama wasn’t born in the U.S made a lot of people mad…it’s not just one person or event that has gotten us to this place…

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