5 thoughts on “Malcolm X Interviewed on City Desk”

  1. I also like the fact that he said the term negro means someone who if left out politically, economically and educationally .. Honestly hearing that make me want to stop using the N word .. although the definition is different now it’s just hearing that changed my viewpoint on it.

  2. So would you say the Muslim the religion is for the African-American culture ?
    Or the practices of Elijah Muhamed gives off that impression?

    1. I rarely address anything surrounding the issue of religion and Black folk for the simple reason that as Brother Malcolm put it, “If your religion has done as little for you as ours has for us, you should keep it in the closet.” Hence, I will not endorse any form of religion and say that people simply need to find something that works for them in regards to improving their life on earth and connecting them to a higher power. Some “brothers and sisters” have found a home in the Nation of Islam, while others have found a similar home in the Christian Church. Put simply, to each his own.

  3. I agree to the statement he quoted by Elijah Mohammed when he said we can go to any school taught by white but it’s best if you go to a school of your own kind first so you can know your culture and back ground first .The reason I say I agree is because I was dumb founded to my culture and history when I attended A dominant white school my freshman year for football. I concur to this 100%

    1. I agree with that statement also!!! I knew nothing of culture background until I came to Prairie View.. I’m so thankful for the cultural knowledge I have gained it was well needed

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