During the last half-century, honest discussions regarding racial matters have become increasingly rare. In the post-Black Power Era, discussions regarding Race, America’s leading social cancer, have become increasingly rare. One could appropriately attribute this to the rise of ‘political correctness.’ Most find it peculiar that America has avoided every opportunity to have an honest discussion regarding Race throughout its entire existence. In contemporary America, an honest discussion regarding the socially constructed schism known as Race is rare.

Any decent historian can tell you that racial discord on the North American continent predates America’s formation. From the moment that Anglo-Saxons attempted to establish Roanoke, also known as the ‘lost colony,’ Race mattered. Europeans desperate attempts to extract wealth from ‘the New World’ not only put them on a collision course with indigenous populations but also led to their theft and then enslavement of persons of African descent from the Western and Southern regions of what they maliciously characterized as ‘the Dark Continent.’

Considering the prevalent role of stolen Africans in the formation, emergence, and legitimization of America as a world power, it should not be surprising that racial matters have shadowed throughout its entire existence.

Although the vast majority of whites will resist this thought with their entire being, however, it is evident that prejudice, bigotry, discrimination, and racism are to this day vital staples in this increasingly diverse nation. Dare we say that racial matters are as American as Apple Pie.

Fortunately for those seeking an honest discourse regarding American racial matters, the anonymity of the message board is providing the cloak of invisibility that so many Americans need to share their true feelings regarding Race.

I am telling you, if you desire an unencumbered view into the muddled view of the average American regarding Race, look no further than the comment section of any story posted on the internet. Americans racial obsession frequently causes the social evil to appear in places that it does not belong. It is for this reason that I voraciously devour the comment section as the viewpoints provided there are frequently more riveting than the actual story.

Hence, I was not surprised to find the following Facebook post by Ricky Soles, a police officer with the Chadbourn Police Department. I am confident that you will ascertain the same feelings that I gleaned regarding officer Soles. He has apparently reached his limit in regards to dealing with African-Americans. Officer Soles directed the following commentary at African-Americans.

You are NOT victims anymore.

You are the bad guys now.

You have your hand out for more freebies.

You won’t take responsibility for yourself.

You have a 74% illegitimacy rate.

You are 13% of the population, but you commit 65% of the crime.

You produce nothing.

You contribute nothing.

You take and just want more.

You don’t think the laws should apply to you.

You blame others for your own decisions.

You don’t try in school.

You don’t try at work.

You have no concept of personal responsibility.

You don’t see the direct connection between your own decisions and the impact on your quality of life.

You can’t imagine how hard it is to make it in the world, because you never try.

You think you can have quality of life without earning it.

You don’t raise your children with any morality.

You celebrate violence and misogyny.

You defend the inexcusable.

You beat your domestic partners.

You think you are owed something when you’re not.

At this point you are not victims of the bad guys, You ARE the bad guys.

I’m tired of my tax dollars being used as handouts to these THUGS.

Without a doubt, the two most frightening aspects to the above post pinned by a police officer endowed with unconscionable power by the Law and that he does not possess the ability to differentiate between law-abiding citizens and those that he deals with under what must be impossible situations. In officer Soles’ mind, there is a woeful absence of diversity within the black community. Dare we say that such a perspective believes that the highly diverse African-American population emerges from the same bargain bin stained cloth.

The application of such gross generalizations conveys an absence of familiarity with the African-American community. Such ignorance paves an unencumbered path to prejudice and discrimination for the average white citizen as they are oblivious to the reality that the vast majority of African-Americans possess the same hopes and dreams that they hold for themselves and their offspring.

Unfortunately, racial reconciliation will never occur until significant social gaps between the races cease. Individuals such as officer Soles have no comprehension of how diverse African-Americans are, and until they can somehow move past racially-tinged daunting assumptions, this nation has no chance of eradicating racial bias and discrimination.

In actuality, it appears that a sizable portion of white Americans is not even interested in such an occurrence.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

© Manhood, Race, and Culture, 2016

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