Abandoning Your Right to Righteous Indignation: Why Are African-Americans So Quick to Forgive Those That Do Evil?

A unique quality found among African-Americans, particularly those who fashion themselves Christians, has been their remarkable ability to forgive whites who have done evil to them. I am confident that either you have heard of people who are quick to forgive regardless of the offense or you may very well be one of those individuals who believe that your ability to forgive is a prerequisite to you reaching Heaven. Now, I am most certainly not trying to judge if you should or should not forgive those who have done wrong to you, however, I do feel that the swiftness that our people forgive encourages additional attacks from whites.

The forgiveness offered Dylann Roof is the most recent example of African-Americans ‘turning the other cheek’ in regards to an unbelievable white assault. In case you have forgotten, Roof is the murderous white South Carolinian who entered Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and executed defenseless black parishioners as they prayed. Although I was not shocked that prior to the haze of gun smoke clearing, black Christians had already forgiven Roof for the evil that he had intentionally perpetrated against their beloved community.

It appears that in our rush to be ‘good Christian folk’ that we have avoided significant portions of crucial scripture. The alluded to scripture could revolutionize the thinking of black Christians if African-American pastors emphasized them. For example, in Luke 22 Jesus tells His disciples to go and get swords because he not only knew that his time on Earth was short, but also the lives of those who followed him would also be in peril after he left.

For African-American Christians who may experience lethal violence at a moment’s notice, a scripture that gives them the right to self-defense should be tattooed in their soul. Black Pastor’s and their congregants consciously choose to accentuate portions of the Bible that emphasize forgiveness and pacifism; thereby, placing the entire black community in constant peril from a host of predators of different shades, philosophies, and ethnicities.

African-Americans rarely receive the type of forgiveness given to whites by black people. I guarantee you that there is someone in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church who hurried to forgive the murderous coward Dylann Roof for his demonic actions, yet remains upset with a fellow parishioner for some disagreement that happened decades ago over a serving tray that came up missing after a church banquet.

What makes this matter worse is that Roof has neither asked for forgiveness nor issued an apology. In fact, a recent journal that jailers took from his cell revealed his true feeling regarding those praying black Christians that he shot down. “I would like to make it crystal clear. I do not regret what I did. I am not sorry. I have not shed a tear for the innocent people I killed.” Roof is a creature who does not deserve our forgiveness; he is a man who has earned God’s wrath and vengeance.

Unfortunately, there appears to be something about the black psyche that causes many of us to abandon an entirely justifiable position of righteous indignation when the offender is non-black. I believe that the quick forgiveness that we offer whites is the single greatest sign that the problems affecting African-Americans begin in their minds. Put simply, somewhere along their life path, a significant portion of blacks has learned to fear whites.

The alluded to desperate attempts to avoid confrontation with whites goes a great measure toward explaining why so many black males refuse to issue any challenge to white men in crucial realms such as education or employment. At the present moment, droves of black men display their cowardice by avoiding academics and adopting a lifestyle that precludes them from being taken seriously anywhere other than some inconsequential urban street corner.

Make no mistake about it, African-Americans readiness to forgive those that do them wrong encourages whites to heap more oppression onto their plates. If I could, I would advise African-American pastors to abandon traditional ‘love those that do evil to you’ sermons and replace them with the spirit of Henry Highland Garnet. Garnet believed that there was only one path forward and it was represented in the following quote. “Let your motto be resistance! Resistance! RESISTANCE! No oppressed people have ever secured their liberty without resistance.”

I already realize that these words will fall on deaf ears, so keep marching forward Christian soldiers, always take the high-road, fight the good fight, it will lead to you having a stronger bond with God as you will be praying on a continual basis about your earthly problems and sufferings. In the end, I believe that God will rebuke you for your cowardice and admonish you for not honoring Luke 22 and picking up a sword to defend yourself and fellow believers from the evil that you knew were at your doorstep.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

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