Although I have dealt with their type my entire life, it is still bewildering to come across segments of the black community whose entire existence revolves around a mindset that can be termed irrational, illogical, and absent a modicum of reason. The type of people who will never have even a positive thought, let alone a public utterance, if it involves African-Americans. I would love to say that I rarely encounter persons of this ilk, however, the harsh truth is that they are omnipresent in my life.

The only thing that is more disconcerting than their omnipresence is the fact that they are willing to display their irrationality and various illiteracies that stretch across any real comprehension of African-American history, culture, society, literature, or economics for the entire world to see.

I have learned that the most frustrating aspect of dealing with such persons is their dearth of real historical study or investigation. Now when I say real historical research I mean the type of intellectual development that scholars conduct over the course of decades at centers of higher learning not via shoddy Youtube videos that are analogous to a dilapidated echo chamber that should be condemned due to its unsuitability to house anything beyond a historically unsubstantiated conspiracy theory that drives its listeners further into a historically unsupported fictitious past.

Unfortunately for Black America, this band of crazies was fully displayed in the moments following President Barack Hussein Obama’s final farewell to the nation.

Trust me when I tell you that a moment that should have been cherished and considered a significant point in the storied struggle of persons of African descent was in the words of Malcolm X “ruined by a bunch of N!@@AS.”

Although I have seriously studied Race in America for over three decades, it was very early in that study that I read Carter G. Woodson’s classic work, The Mis-Education of the Negro. Woodson’s summation that the fundamental problem within Black America is self-hatred, a point that many African-American scholars have echoed throughout the twentieth-century, was fully displayed in the moments following President Obama’s farewell address by what should have been his greatest supporters.

Inexplicably, the most hateful comments aimed at President Obama did not come from angry whites who will soon realize that they have “cut off their nose to spite their face,” rather the most hateful denunciations of not only Obama but also Michelle emerged from the so-called conscious community. Such ridicule has led me to a question of “What do these N!@@AS Want?” Unfortunately, neither they nor I can satisfactorily answer this question.

The only lesson that can be gleaned from the ‘conscious community’s’ vicious attacks upon President Barack Hussein Obama is that it reveals how confused, illogical, and intellectually feeble they are.

Unfortunately, I expect such foolishness from a group of individuals who have historically speaking been so desperate to separate themselves from the African-American experience that they have engaged in methods that are equal parts foolish, hilarious, and historically unsupportable. I have encountered segments of the ‘conscious community’ who have attempted to ‘drop science’ on me by telling me that my ancestors did not hail from West Africa, that I was Egyptian or Moroccan. A few even said that I was from outer-space. I was left speechless when a sister enlightened me by telling me that the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade never occurred. When I protested her wild assertion, she responded by asking me “If it occurred, where are the boats? Aha, see you never thought of that did you. Brother, they done got your mind, but stick with me, and I will get you straightened out.”

The ‘conscious community’s’ unbridled attacks upon President Barack Hussein Obama as a person, not his policies and political decisions, stand as not only odes to their revulsion to class, dignity, and intelligence, but also their insatiable lust for foolishness, historical fiction, and cowardice in regards to confronting whites in the areas of business, scholarship, and nation-building.

I long ago abandoned any hope that the alluded to ‘conscious community’ would build anything substantial as their propensity for phrase-mongering and paralysis flowing from a fictitious historical analysis stinks of a cunning never before seen cowardice. Hence, I pay no mind to their foolish attacks upon President Barack Hussein Obama as they will amount to the same thing that the rest of their life’s work has, absolutely nothing.

May God bless the Obama family and intercede in this Earthly realm and do yet another miracle by injecting some semblance of logic, rationality, and determination to study into a conscious community that has been of no utility to those they proclaim to represent for far too long.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

© Manhood, Race, and Culture, 2017.


  1. I found this post to so refreshing and I absolutely feel the same way. I have had to unfriend many of these so called ‘pro black traitors” who are so gravely disrespectful to our ancestors, spew lies about our history and have not contributed to any of our advancements towards our race-nothing more than the usual talking loud and saying nothing. In my opinion, they are despicable as you describe the one one sister who thinks that since there are no boats, we are not descendants of slaves. Thats how far gone they are. Thanks for speaking out against a grave injustice.

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