What Crazy Sounds Like On A Typical Day: A Sampling of the Black Conscious Community’s View of President Barack Hussein Obama

There is a level of craziness that is downright frightening as it relates an absolute detachment with reality. I have come to understand that there is not a more illogical, contradictory, and convoluted group of individuals than those that compose the black “conscious community.”

Today’s “conscious community” is filled to the rim with persons whose evidentiary base vacillates between sketchy Youtube videos and conspiracy theories that would remind one of urban legends that can neither be proven nor discredited.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the most significant target of the vile emanating from the “conscious community” is President Barack Hussein Obama. If you want to see the more extreme members of the “conscious community” have a conniption, express any adoration, support, or affinity for President Barack Hussein Obama. I will tell you that the black “conscious community” hates everything about President Obama, including the air that he has yet to breathe in.

Consider the following commentary which was generated by my latest post about President Obama’s farewell address. Keep in mind, this drivel is being spewed by what portends to be a politicized segment of Black America. I decided to not edit any of the responses so that you would get an unfiltered view of the absence of logic and inability to articulate that is so commonly found among such phrase-mongers.

The only blacks he helped were Gay but cops are still killing black men women and kids and medical care skyrocketed to where the poor suffers more becouse programs are cut but he’s black so he’s not to be held accountable ? For his acts well get down for your gay rights you know who you are do what you do defend your slave masters agenda with pride everyone who’s black is not for black is that you ?

That comprehension includes the apparent misunderstanding of their function in a democracy. You who waited for the king to grant reparations and reprieve grievances forgot even with a king YOU HAVE TO ASK! In a democracy you have to demand! The majority of Obama’s detractors waited. You are the illiterates blammable for not getting the things we needed mostly. YOU! Now you complaining”.

if some HALF WAKE headz is givin u n yours da blues, dess on u for fuckin wif em. EVERYBODY CANNOT be SAVED… i use ELLIPSES as punctuation a lot–it means CONTINUE dat line of THOUGHT. where to begin??? at da BEGINNIN is a good place to start. EVERYBODY can’t be SAVED??? HALF WAKE aint much better den a gotdayum ZOMBIE. u would fuck around n DROWN by gettin in da water tryna save dem cuz dey TOO stupid to pull deyself in on da lifeline thrown to em–or WORSE, would sink da lifeboat cuz dey won’t sit down n shut da fuck up.

I’m really very foreign to this planet, I feel like the only one who doesn’t get emotional over presidents. You don’t know what he did while he was in office, you don’t know what orders he followed from the higher ups, you don’t know what he signed. You don’t recall his speeches against freedom and him strategically being the first U.S president to visit cuba since 1928, because he was part of the scheme for the government to try to get Assata Shakur extradited back to the United States, so they can torture her some more. I never forget and I always see beyond the veil. The only thing discombobulated ones know about obama is “My President is black, he looks handsome, he dresses so nice, it was a dream come true seeing a black family in the white house, he has a nice voice”. STFU and learn to stop drinking the spiked koolaid please!

The speech I felt was ancient rhetoric and it bored me. ..”Our way of life ” nonsense built on lies, murder, racism and abuses. Spoken fake nonsense. Malia seemed to have problems playing the game.”

You’re definitely not the only one. My suspicions with him becoming president was peaked from the beginning, So his time in the White Hse gave me no surprises. In fact, his tenancy made me more aware that the hidden controllers were up-ing there ‘game’ (strategies) in many areas which needed the black puppet in place! I turned out to be right!

The masses are so easily enchanted. What has this man REALLY done for anyone?! Speak well and look nice?! GTFOH, how low are your standards?! He bailed out Wall Street, not YOUR street. This man is behind the bombing of thousands of innocent civilians in the middle East and Africa as well as defending the largest surveillance program America has ever seen…How willful our ignorance and short our memories. But don’t say anything, cuz he’s a Black man in the white House, smh.

I’m crystal clear about the U.S. presidency. If they stray from their orders they are assassinated. Examples, Lincoln & Kennedy. For our people to expect president Obama to do something about the condition of black people is living in serious self deceit. That office has never been controlled by the person who sat in the seat.

I blame the absence of sufficient mental healthcare facilities as well as the American public school system for this illogical, unsubstantiated, nearly indecipherable commentary listed above. This is what happens when you deny persons a quality education that will equip them with the basic tools necessary to articulate an argument that anyone outside of their feeble minds could understand.

There is nothing more that I can say.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III­­

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