An Efficient Plan to Remove the Uncivilized: How We Could Improve the Black Community Overnight

I write this posting with the full realization that there are segments of Black America who will vehemently disagree with its contents; however, I could not care less about their flawed perspective. You know the type of people that I am alluding, those who choose to excuse away the criminality and foolishness that so many within our midst execute on a daily basis against their own solely because they were born into an impoverished area.
Not only will I never be counted in their number, but also I could care less about an irrational political correctness that demands African-Americans mute their voices when the perpetrators of violence against black folk are black themselves. I will most certainly air our ‘dirty laundry’ for the world to see. My unbridled love for African-Americans mandates that I never let my pen fall silent on matters affecting my people.
My commitment to uplift the African-American community is the catalyst behind my condemnation of Miami-based gang members who took the opportunity to defame the legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., by using a parade assembly as a shooting gallery that left 8 innocent bystanders, ranging in age from 11 to 30, wounded by gunfire. According to the Miami-Dade police, the shooting is attributable to rival gangs.
It is ironic that on a day created to honor Dr. King’s legacy dream that society would one-day judge African-Americans by the “Content of Their Character” that we have such a sizable population in our midst devoid of any positive character traits. Although I am confident that my call to have this population separated from the black community ‘By Any Means Necessary’ will sting the apologists in our midst who choose to make excuses (racism, unemployment, female-headed households, poor schools, Donald Trump, the fact that it is Wednesday and raining outside) for the deplorable behavior of roving bands of African-Americans of various ages. Rest assured that when I say ‘By ANY Means Necessary’ that it includes calling law enforcement authorities to collect this rubbish from our midst.
I will tell you that I care little about where they are going, who is taking them to their destination, or how they will survive; all that I care about is their separation from honest, hardworking, moral, progressive people who have diligently attempted to model the historical cooperation that has undergirded Black America.
It is time that African-American progressives realize that except for skin color and a few cultural commonalities, we have absolutely nothing in common with this roguish band of thugs that have used our communities as a haven for their immorality and our commitment to take of family as an exploitable survival strategy as their laziness and drug abuse has made them a hardcore unemployable.
I have already divorced myself from such individuals and will let you in on a little secret; life is grander without them. So do yourself a favor and cut those who mean anyone around them any good out of your life. Trust me when I say, that your life will be much better as a result.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

© Manhood, Race, and Culture, 2017.

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