How the Rush to Aid the Arab Community Once Again Displays How Little African-Americans Know About Political Matters

It’s hard to witness African-Americans repeated failure to understand that their drastic attempts to aid other groups either stabilize or expand their political position will ultimately have no effect upon their liberation. In actuality, it siphons off crucial resources that could be very beneficial to the African-American freedom struggle.

The most recent manifestation of Black America’s tendency to be highly moral and non-strategic is found in their response to Donald Trump’s Executive Order that placed a 120 day travel ban on the arrival of refugees from predominantly Muslim nations — Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia — from entering the country.

Predictably, Black America was instantaneously up in arms regarding the ‘un-American’ Executive Order. Many within our community publicly stated that they would not stand for such a gross injustice as they hurried to join a political protest that has nothing to do with Black America. Sympathetic African-Americans who could not make it to the protest did their best to turn our community’s focus toward this blatant injustice.

If nothing else, the repeated occurrences of African-Americans rushing to aid groups who have ignored our politico-economic issues and often served instrumental in causing our long-standing problems long ago established this segment of our community as the most righteous people on Earth. Despite their fervent protests, the truth of the matter is that the alluded to Negroes seemingly innate urge to aid any and every cause except those affecting their community highlights the pervasive foolishness undergirding their political activism.

Let’s be honest about this matter, those blacks who have rushed to aid the Arab community in their time of crisis have either conveniently forgotten or unwisely forgiven the hostility that community has spewed toward the African-American community. The Arab community has often failed to fully embrace Minister Farrakhan and his cadre of ‘black Muslims,’ a term that I have heard repeatedly used in that community.

We must also never forget the daily social conflict and economic violence that occurs in “Arab stores” positioned throughout our community. It is this population that our dear brother Malcolm X termed ‘bloodsuckers’ who establish businesses in our community and drain it of economic resources that they take back to their community and parlay into an empire.

My primary frustration is found not among the Arab community that has taken their angst and indignation with Trump’s Executive Order into airports and American streets. I am pointing my disbelief at the Negroes that have chosen to ignore this nation’s poor immigration policies toward places such as Haiti or any African country in favor of championing the causes of people who have not and will never come to their aid on any front.

Many of these Negroes who have joined their Arab ‘friends’ in protesting Trump’s Executive Order believe that they have established an alliance of some sort with the Arab community. Time will show them the error of their ways. Unfortunately for such politically naïve Negroes, their miscalculation will become apparent at a moment of political need. History has repeatedly shown that it is at this alluded moment of need that the truism of “We All We Got” will once again be verified.

The saddest part of this entire sordid tale is that Negroes continue not to understand the most fundamental political realities. Very few non-black groups have aided African-Americans in their pursuit of politico-economic freedom if anything they have worked to ensure a continuation of their political disfranchisement. Unfortunately for the future of Black America, we will remain in this marginalized state until we not only understand these principles but also get serious about developing reliable mechanisms to execute them.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

© Manhood, Race, and Culture, 2017.


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