4 thoughts on “Malcolm X Documentary: Make it Plain”

  1. why do you feel that the education system shows Malcome in a different light compared to MLK When both played a key role in the civil rights era.

  2. Make it Plain was very enlightening and I was able to learn more information about X that I was ever taught. I got a whole new perspective on Malcolm after watching the video, some things I was told that were true about him proved to be wrong.

    1. I am most certainly happy to hear about your “awakening.” What are some of the things that have been disproven by “Make It Plain?”

  3. There are a lot of things about Malcom x this video helps bring light to, however before videos like this are presented in class room setting its important that we install a desire to love and learn our culture and history as African Americans or ells this video will go to the archives of history videos along with that of white history

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