What Black America should learn from the Indian attacks on Nigerian students

I am confident that you understand that I initially considered it inconceivable that I would ever learn any lesson from the recent beating of several Nigerian students by a mob of Indians in Noida, India. However, after much reflection upon the incident, it occurs to me that the African-American community needs to adopt the staunch defiance that the Indian people displayed during this event.

I am confident that anyone who has witnessed the cell phone footage of the beatings will immediately take issue with the insinuation that replication of these horrific actions is needed. However, I would hope that before you closing off your mind to this matter that you would lend me your ear regarding what very well may be the best path forward for a community that has been marginalized and maligned at every turn.

The key to understanding why I believe that it is past time that African-Americans replicated the Indian people’s vigilante justice is why the beatings occurred. According to numerous reports, the beatings delivered to the Nigerian students resulted from the drug overdose of an Indian teen. The family of the deceased teen alleged that it was Nigerian students who provided the drugs that took their child’s life. Instantaneously, the Indian people searched for any Nigerian to whom they could send a stern message regarding their unwillingness to allow outsiders to enter their community and execute any evil. Make no mistake about it; the alluded to attack was a stern warning to outsiders that there would be zero tolerance for any such conduct within their community.

One victim of the attack related that the Indian mob voiced their displeasure via ‘rods, bricks, and knives.’ In addition to the whipping that was doled out, the local Indian community also expressed their disdain by evicting the Nigerian students from their living arrangements.

Understandably, the Indian community is uncompromising when it comes to outsiders compromising the sanctity of their families, community, institutions, and homes. The actions of the Indian population placed what I would term a logical question before me, that being, considering the historical oppression that they have experience, why has the African-American community failed to assume a similar position regarding the compromising of their community by evildoers inside and outside of the race?

When one considers the African-American community’s last-place status in every measurable category, it would seem that they would have long ago adopted the same uncompromising position being displayed by the Indian community. Undoubtedly the centuries of misery and suffering within Black America is a by-product of their unique ability to be compromising in regards to negroes whose sole purpose appears to be the destruction of their indigenous community and accommodating in regards to their dealings with outsiders whose singular focus is capitalizing upon an economic inefficiency philosophy. The alluded to economic inefficiency is best displayed by the unfortunate reality that the vast majority of the 43 million African-Americans in this nation do not understand the fundamental reasons that they should support black businesses. This failure to comprehend the utility of black economic collectivism is the only reasonable explanation for the shocking reality that Black America annually has over 1.1 trillion dollars ($1,100,000,000,000.00) at its disposal; predictably, black businesses receive less than 2% of the alluded to monies.

Consider the following information regarding the manner that groups circulate their dollar within their community. According to several studies, it takes the following period for a single dollar to exit the communities listed below:

It takes 6 hours for a dollar to exit the black community.

It takes 17 days for a dollar to exit the white community.

It takes 20 days for a dollar to exit the Jewish community.

It takes 30 days for a dollar to exit the Asian community.

If nothing else, the reality that a single dollar exits the black community within 360 minutes of it touching a black hand should be a sobering statistic that verifies why outsiders derisively term African-Americans “liquid money.” The correcting of this irrational and ridiculous trend stands as a central pillar in the liberation of Black America.

The recent action of the Indian community definitively proves that it is the collective community that sets the standards for their community. If there is one area that Black America has been derelict within, it is their well-worn pattern of accommodating, if not championing, negative behaviors and lifestyles that serve as unconscionably important socialization agents. Put simply; the willingness to allow the free-flow of social irresponsibility and economic inefficiency into their community from both black and non-black sources dooms the African-American community in ways that are too numerous to list.

There is no doubt that it is past time for Black America to adopt the uncompromising ways of other groups and enforce a rigid code of conduct regarding what is and what is not acceptable regarding not only fellow African-Americans but also any outsiders seeking access to the black dollar. Trust me when I say that our failure to do the above in an organized manner will inexplicably prove yet again that the yoke of oppression that has hung around the neck of persons of African descent is insufficient to create either the dawning of common sense or a spirit of politico-economic collectivism.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

©  Manhood, Race, and Culture, 2017

2 thoughts on “What Black America should learn from the Indian attacks on Nigerian students”

  1. I agree that the community will not allow outsiders to come in and disrupt what they deem is best for them. We (African/Afrikan) are not one of them, so therefore we need to understand Arab people are about Arab business, European people are about European business, Korean people are about Korean business, but African people are about everybody’s business. We need our African/Afrikan people to be about the business of what is in the best interest of our people. We’ve adopted too many ideologies that puts other people’s interest above our own, or in line with our own. As long as we continue to love everybody else before we love ourselves, as long as we continue to fight causes that effect everybody else, as long as we continue to want to be any and everything but African/Afrikan we will continue to be at the bottom.

    1. Greetings,

      So you are using an instance of Jungle Justice to define the basis of your new approach to fixing the African American community? Do Indian sell drugs? Yes, plenty of Indian peddle drugs and are into prostitution. Also in South Africa where Nigerians were attacked and some killed, in what was called Xenophobia, the accusations were that Nigerians were there in Pretoria selling drugs. But the question here is the same, do South Africa sell drugs, or is drug peddling limited only to Nigerians? Once a particular group gets labeled that group has the unfortunate fate of being labeled everywhere they go. This is what has happened to hardworking, decent Nigerians who migrate to many nations around the world in seek of a better life. In my view, us African Americans have suffered greatly from racist stereotypes and we must not be joining in news stories that perpetuate the same circumstances upon another African group. Do you not have any dignity as an African human being? I not only question the morality of your example, which falls short of compassion of innocent life been assaulted, but how you so easily switch to giving advice to how African Americans can better their communities by following after such a negative. This is very heartless.

      I have solutions that would work but they are the ones that require compassion. That is for African Americans to form their own economic pots to save themselves. I don’t mean help every African American because there’s a difference between helping and saving. We save those who want to be saved and refuse to help those who don’t want to help themselves. No job initiative can help the lazy. No business idea can help those who don’t believe in wise financial management. No solution can be rendered to any who refuse to work the solution until its end. So with that being said, let us in the future not get tangled in international racism towards African people by groups out to destroy their educational progress by travelling to their countries for higher learning. Ase.

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