There are a few things that are certain about human beings. One of them happens to be that if you want to know what a person thinks, the most reliable path to such information is allowing them to speak freely. I guarantee you that if you allow a person to speak long enough that they will reveal with laser accuracy what they are thinking about a host of topics. This life principle has served me well.

“Death to the enemies of America. Leave this country if you hate our freedoms…You call it terrorism. I call it patriotism.”

When I heard Jeremy Joseph Christian spew the above phrase during his initial court appearance to all within earshot. I resisted a compulsion that far too many of my contemporaries succumb to of dismissing the above statement as little more than the ramblings of a mad-man. Rather than excusing the referenced litany, I now realize that Jeremy Joseph Christian is a new millennium representation of what this nation means for so many angry, hopeless, and disenchanted white males. The alluded to individuals are analogous to a reincarnated Esau who has had their birthright stolen from beneath them.

The inheritance that the alluded to modern-day Esau’s feel that they have been swindled out of is America. There is a segment of White America that believes that America ‘is a nation founded by white men and should always serve the interests (economic, social, and political) of white men.’ It is this inheritance of riches and many privileges that white males feel that they have been swindled out of by the arrival of other groups. It is the loss of an absolute monopoly over national resources that sits at the core of the angst expressed by the Jeremy Joseph Christian’s of this nation. Such individuals are principally angered at the daunting reality that white men are no longer permitted to be, WHITE MEN. Put simply, persons such as Jeremy Joseph Christian wish that they could recreate a yesteryear environment when the judgment of white men shall never be questioned, the intelligence of white men never held up for examination, and it was a given that minority populations would never step out of their place.

Let’s be clear on this matter of white males being swindled out of their birthright; it is not as if they have lost their political and socioeconomic monopolies in contemporary America. They still have control over the vast majority of resources that minority populations must rally together in a desperate attempt to capture if they desire to continue to exist. The ire of the Jeremy Joseph Christian’s of this nation is raised by even the slightest challenge to the king’s ransom of power, wealth, and influence that their predecessors have in their minds bequeathed to them.

The great comedian Paul Mooney once remarked that he breaks down and cries when he sees a homeless white man because “it is such a waste of whiteness.” When viewed in that light, a figure such as Jeremy Joseph Christian and the other young whites residing in the alt-right political community fail to realize that their path to success is readily available, in fact, one is hard-pressed to cite any significant impediments to white success beyond personal laziness. Just consider for a moment, the heights that a young white male such as Jared Kushner has risen within this nation without ever speaking a word publicly.

Nevertheless, white males such as Jeremy Joseph Christian who have miraculously found a way to be white and male in America without finding a modicum of success feel that the presence of others are the reason that their success has been elusive. Such individuals are masterful at avoiding any personal responsibility for their dire plight as evidence by these common excuses.

  • If the Mexicans weren’t here, I could get a job.
  • I can’t get ahead because I have to pay for the lazy blacks on welfare.
  • The blacks have all of the jobs.
  • The Muslims don’t pay taxes and don’t respect our freedoms.

It is not difficult to see that individuals such as Jeremy Joseph Christian have declared war on anyone that they consider competition for any American resource that they believe their ancestors bequeathed to them. Such people were ready made for Trump’s slogan of “Let’s make America great again.” An implicit reference to reversing the clock to a time when Niggers knew their place, all women were barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, and no one was alarmed when white mobs served as accuser, judge, jury, and executioner for those who dared to attempt to swindle a white man out of his birthright.

Unfortunately for disenchanted white males’, their desperate attempts to turn back the hands of time will continually fail. You know, when you think about it, it must be a heck of a position to be a white male in a nation created by white men and still find success elusive.

What is a white man to do? I will tell you what I will do; I will follow Paul Mooney’s lead and just cry the next time I see poor white folk because they have truly wasted the greatest gift that an American seeking power in this nation could ever receive white skin.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

© Manhood, Race and Culture, 2017

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